3 Common Reasons Why Your Portable Clothes Dryer Won't Start!


  1. Introduction
  2. Power supply issues
  3. Defective parts or components
  4. User error or misuse
  5. Conclusion


Portable clothes dryers have become an essential solution for any space where permanent drying facilities are not an option. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to freshen up clothes, towels and gear. For gyms, boutiques, lodges, recreational vehicles and more, a portable clothes dryer enhances comfort, convenience and efficiency.

No matter what is the reason a dryer won't start or solution required, with some troubleshooting most units can get back to drying and improving experiences once again. This guide provides an overview of common portable clothes dryer issues preventing start up, explains possible causes and repairs and points to professional support options when DIY is not possible.

With the right resources and maintenance, a portable clothes dryer can continue enhancing convenience for years to come, rather than becoming a costly headache. Every solution keeps a valuable amenity in service, creating happy clients and a thriving business.

Portable Clothes Dryer Trouble

Power supply issues

The power supply is essential for a portable clothes dryer to operate. Without adequate electrical power in good working condition, a dryer will not start or run properly.

There are a few ways to check if power supply problems exist, preventing a dryer from functioning as intended. No power to the dryer indicates a completely non-functional circuit or issue with the power cord or plug. An improper connection or damaged cord/plug will need replacement before using again.

Portable Clothes Dryer Trouble

Insufficient or intermittent power supply shows a marginal circuit unable to run the high-wattage load of a dryer. This could indicate a bad fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or undersized wiring. Flip circuit breakers, check breakers and fuses for tripping and replace as needed. Measure the voltage to ensure it meets proper levels for the dryer specifications. Upgrading wiring or circuits may ultimately be required.

Other signs of potential power issues include:

  • Imbalanced or open ground fault - Test ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI for proper function.
  • Loose connection(s) - Wiggle power cord and plug, as well as dryer cord and outlet receptacle to check for loose wiring or terminals. Tighten as needed.
  • Flickering lights nearby - Dimming or flickering lights when the dryer kicks on can indicate marginal power supply.
  • Warped or discolored plug/cord - Excessive heating can also point to overloading or insufficient current capability.

Defective parts or components

Portable clothes dryers contain several complex parts and components that control operation and can potentially fail or malfunction over time. The timer, motor, thermostat, control board and other internal parts work together to heat, tumble and automatically shut off a dryer once the cycle is complete.

If these internal parts start acting erratically or malfunction completely, the dryer won't operate properly. Issues include the dryer not starting, cycling endlessly, failing to heat or tumble clothes or shut off at the wrong times. Other signs of faulty parts include strange noises like grinding, groaning or squealing sounds, visual error codes flashing across displays or dials not tracking spin speed or time remaining correctly.

Portable Clothes Dryer Trouble

Bad parts mean the dryer won't dry or could become a safety hazard, requiring diagnosis and repair or replacement. For smaller issues, some part replacements can be done as a DIY task for experienced owners following guides. This includes things like timer replacement or thermostat adjustment.

More complex problems will need professional servicing by a certified technician using specialized tools and parts made specifically for the dryer model. Servicing for issues like a bad motor, bearing or control board helps ensure compatibility and safe operation.

User error or misuse

Despite being reliable and solid, portable clothes dryers can still develop issues stemming from user error or misuse over time. Improper loading, cycle selection, temperature settings or general misuse take a bigger toll than years of typical drying usage alone. While not explicitly defects, user-caused problems prevent safe, effective and efficient drying.

Portable Clothes Dryer Trouble

Some common examples of user error or misuse include: overloading the dryer drum, using the wrong cycle/heat setting for clothes being dried, leaving clothes in dryer overnight, ignoring safety features like the lint trap, or positioning the dryer on uneven floors. These issues can lead to things like excessively long drying times, wrinkled clothes, heat damage, strange noises or complete dryer malfunction.

To avoid user-caused trouble, it is important to maintain proper use of a portable clothes dryer according to the instructions provided. Always load as directed, ensure the lint trap and filters are fully clear of debris before each use, run appropriate cycles for washing loads and check dryer location for even, stable flooring. Periodic cleaning and maintenance helps extend dryer life, while avoiding abuse.

Should the dryer start acting strangely or not at all regardless of typical usage, be sure to rule out the possibility of user error as a potential cause first. Try running an extra load with close monitoring to determine if the issue recurs before assuming a defect or malfunction. Sometimes the simplest solution is to adjust habits and be sure the dryer is being used as intended.

Portable Clothes Dryer Trouble


In summary, portable clothes dryers provide invaluable convenience but also complex machinery that may develop issues preventing start up at some point.

Learn the common reasons for dryers not starting and how to fix problems to keep a useful solution enhancing comfort, hygiene and community for the long run. With some preventative care and determination, every dryer can continue drying and improving experiences for years to come rather than ending up discarded ahead of its time.

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Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV

Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV

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 Kill 99.99% of Bacteria & Mites: Built-in UV sterilization reduces allergens and removes the stink, making your everyday fresh and clean.

 Inclusive Care for Your Daily Wearing: With robust BLDC motor control and airflow that hits 43.5 MPH, Morus Zero conducts a more substantial wrinkle reduction effect and delivers soft and comfy results you can feel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Perfect for small housing living

I've had my morus since October 2022. It was a bit pricey, but so far worth every penny. It takes up minimal space, doesn't need venting and dries clothes as good as the apartment dryer that I have to pay to use, and I don't have to put my wash in a machine that others use. That right there made it worth the price!
I live in a one bedroom apartment, and purchased an apartment sized washer too. The washer has paid for itself many times over, and the Morus will in time also.
I am watching my electric bill to see if it is increasing with the Morus, but it's hard to tell in winter, I have electric heat.
Because it "vents" inside, it does create quite a bit of condensation. It does have a bit of rumbling noise when it starts up, but after start up it quietly hums.
I clean the lint catcher inside the drum after every load, and have cleaned the back once so far. I use a soft toothbrush for this and it grabs the lint quite well and I don't worry about poking a hole in the screens.
It is just me that I am doing laundry for, if I had another person, I'm not so sure this would be the best option. Between my tiny washer and tiny Morus, it takes me all day to do laundry just for me. I'm sure in the summer it will go faster, as with jeans and sweatshirts added to my dress slacks and sweaters for work, it takes time.
I can dry one queen sheet at a time, one body towel with washcloths added at a time, one hooded sweatshirt at a time, and quite a few shirts, socks and delicates at one time. I usually use the 60 minute setting and loads like the large queen sheets aren't quite dry after 60, but they never were in the paid apartment dryer either.
I use name brand liquid detergent, and softener in the washer, and add a dryer sheet in the Morus. I believe this most likely isn't good for breathing with it venting inside, but I'm still doing it....Maybe I'll try a dryer ball. The Morus is one of my best apartment purchases so far!

Love the dryer

This is amazing super cool great product can't sing of good things. I love it love it love it. I hope everyone gets one. It's perfect great job.

Curtis Chin
Simply a well designed product !

We're really happy with our Morus 1. It's simply a thoughtfully designed product that does it's job well.

Tom Parker
so far so good

I love the way it works and looks, really quick at drying clothes, it's a little noisy but then again dryers are. I've not attached a power meter to it yet but it didn't seem to use much electric while drying. Shame it hasn't got any smart features like a push notification maybe an idea for future versions. So far so good I will use it for quick drying of a single outfit/shoes needed urgently.

Lee Haro

A must buy especially if you live in a small apartment or a some sort of camper. I have an appartement in Santa Monica California where everything is just extremely expensive, but I purchase this and let me tell you -you will never find a better product than this did tons of research I couldn't stop doing research and it's very difficult to find a small dryer in California or Los Angeles I don't know why But But this is the GREATEST!
I dry everything in seconds practically and perfectly done it's amazing thank you God for giving these engineers the wit to Create this genius contraption.