7 Game-Changing Tips for Using a Portable Clothes Dryer


  1. Introduction
  2. Choose the Right Spot for Your Portable Clothes Dryer
  3. Avoid Overloading Your Portable Clothes Dryer
  4. Make Use of Fabric Softeners or Dryer Sheets
  5. Empty the Lint Filter Regularly
  6. Use Dryer Balls for Shorter Drying Time
  7. Utilize the Appropriate Drying Cycle for Your Laundry
  8. Fold Clothes Immediately After Drying
  9. Conclusion


For individuals and families residing in small apartments, RVs, or homes lacking a conventional washing machine and dryer set-up, portable clothes dryers can be a real lifesaver. Although these compact machines appear easy to operate, there are a plethora of practical tips and tricks to make the most of each load and, thus, enhance their efficiency.

This article aims to present 7 game-changing tips to optimize results when using portable clothes dryers. Whether experienced or new, these tips are sure to boost your drying techniques, ensuring that your clothes remain clean and spotless, every time.

Choose the Right Spot for Your Portable Clothes Dryer

When choosing the appropriate spot for a portable clothes dryer, it is essential to consider the convenience and comfort of your co-inhabitants within your home. While it is necessary to ensure that the location is adequately ventilated and free from dampness, it is also crucial that the placement does not cause disruptions or inconvenience to your family or pets.

A thoughtful approach would be to identify an area that is secluded enough to avoid interference but also easily accessible when needed. Additionally, it is advisable to assess the noise levels of the dryer and aim for quieter spaces such as the laundry room or basement to reduce disturbances. By taking these considerations into account, you can select a suitable spot for your portable clothes dryer without causing too much trouble for your family, roommates, or pets.

Avoid Overloading Your Portable Clothes Dryer

The issue of overcrowding portable clothes dryers tends to be recurrent, particularly when handling extensive laundry loads. Nonetheless, the effects of overloading the dryer with clothing can result in suboptimal drying efficiency, extended drying periods, squandered energy, and a potential risk to the dryer's ability to operate correctly. To circumvent the problem, the implementation of segregation techniques can be applied in breaking down the laundry into smaller batches.

Another helpful practice is to weigh clothing beforehand, ensuring that the dryer's recommended load capacity is not exceeded. Further, it is suggested that before loading clothes into the dryer, ensure they are shaken out to alleviate tangling and clumping, which can impede the dryer's efficacy. By following these preventive measures, the probability of overloading your portable clothes dryer is significantly reduced, and the potential of prolonging the dryer's optimal functioning is increased.

Make Use of Fabric Softeners or Dryer Sheets

Maintaining the quality of your apparel post each drying cycle is crucial when using a portable clothes dryer. Fabric softeners or dryer sheets are one effective approach that you may consider. These products are specifically engineered to reduce static, improve the texture, scent, and durability of your clothes. Fabric softeners function by coating the fibers of your clothing with a thin layer of chemicals, which reduces friction and results in a softer feel. On the other hand, dryer sheets work by depositing a waxy substance on the surface of the fabric, eradicating wrinkles, and reducing static electricity. By including these products in your drying routine, you can elevate the quality of your clothes and increase their lifespan.

Using a Portable Clothes Dryer

Empty the Lint Filter Regularly

To maximize the efficiency of a portable clothes dryer, it is indispensable to adhere to the crucial measure of cleaning the lint filter frequently. During the dryer's operation, trivial fabric fibers and other detritus gather in the gadget's lint trap, leading to an obstruction. The accumulation of dirt in the lint filter can cause substantial toil for the dryer, culminating in an increase in energy consumption and elevated bills. Furthermore, the absence of regular cleaning may expose a significant peril, as it could result in a fire hazard. To forestall these concerns, it is recommended to establish a routine of consistently cleaning the lint filter, either after every load or, at the very least, every few loads. This simple practice unsurprisingly makes a remarkable difference in the proficiency and security of your portable dryer.

Use Dryer Balls for Shorter Drying Time

The popularity of using dryer balls has grown due to their ability to decrease the time it takes to dry clothes by up to 25%. These balls are typically made from wool, rubber or plastic, and when used in the dryer, they lift and separate clothing, improving air flow. As a result, clothes dry faster, requiring less energy to be used.

Additionally, using dryer balls decreases the frequency that clothes must be put through drying cycles, minimizing wear and tear. Choosing to use dryer balls is also an environmentally friendly alternative to dryer sheets, which often contain harmful chemicals and are single-use. If you are looking to decrease drying time, save energy, and reduce expenses, considering the advantages of using dryer balls could be highly beneficial.

Using a Portable Clothes Dryer

Utilize the Appropriate Drying Cycle for Your Laundry

Ensuring that the appropriate drying cycle is used for laundry is indispensable in order to avoid undesirable outcomes, such as elevated temperatures, and wear and tear of fabrics. Dryer machines offer a diverse range of cycle options, such as delicate, normal, and heavy-duty cycles, which are fashioned to suit the characteristics of the materials being dried. Adhering to the care labels on clothing is crucial to prevent accidental harm, distortion or discoloration. Furthermore, selecting the proper drying cycle can optimize energy conservation and diminish utility expenses. Therefore, allocating a modest amount of time toward selecting the most fitting cycle setting can prove to be advantageous to both your laundry and your finances.

Fold Clothes Immediately After Drying

Folding your clothes immediately after drying them is a smart and beneficial practice. By doing so, you minimize wrinkling, which in turn saves you time and effort when ironing or steaming your clothes. Moreover, when you fold your clothes right after taking them out of the dryer, you are able to quickly and easily spot if any items need to be mended or treated for stains while they are still warm and pliable.

Additionally, folding your clothes right after drying them will help you save space in your closet or dresser, since properly folded clothes take up less space than those that are left in a pile or a wrinkled heap. Overall, taking the extra few minutes to immediately fold your clothes after drying them can result in longer-lasting, better-looking and better-organized clothes.


Using a Portable Clothes Dryer

The utilization of a portable clothes dryer is a splendid strategy for conserving time, energy, and finances, notably in limited spaces or while traveling. By heeding the subsequent 7 pioneering recommendations, one can establish with certitude that the portable clothes dryer is optimized to its fullest capacity. Initiated by suitably ventilating the dryer and organizing the garments before initiating the drying procedure, these guidelines guarantee optimum drying outputs, obviating any potential deterioration of either the attire or the device. With the appropriate methods and meticulousness, one can delight in the convenience and effectiveness of a portable clothes dryer for an extended period.

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Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV
Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV

Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV

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● Ultra-fast Drying Down to 15 Min: Morus Zero is about 60% faster than conventional dryers using our patented dehydration technology. Laundry drying is now as free as you want.

 Freely Use in Your Apartment or RV: Weighing only 28.7 lbs, Morus Zero's space-saving & install-free design fits into your lifestyle easily & beautifully. Just plug it in and go!

 Kill 99.99% of Bacteria & Mites: Built-in UV sterilization reduces allergens and removes the stink, making your everyday fresh and clean.

 Inclusive Care for Your Daily Wearing: With robust BLDC motor control and airflow that hits 43.5 MPH, Morus Zero conducts a more substantial wrinkle reduction effect and delivers soft and comfy results you can feel.

 Smart, Automatic & Trouble-free: AI-driven sensor system with fabric protection eliminates tedious set-up, treats different garments with dedicated modes, and makes it easy as cake.


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Perfect for small housing living

I've had my morus since October 2022. It was a bit pricey, but so far worth every penny. It takes up minimal space, doesn't need venting and dries clothes as good as the apartment dryer that I have to pay to use, and I don't have to put my wash in a machine that others use. That right there made it worth the price!
I live in a one bedroom apartment, and purchased an apartment sized washer too. The washer has paid for itself many times over, and the Morus will in time also.
I am watching my electric bill to see if it is increasing with the Morus, but it's hard to tell in winter, I have electric heat.
Because it "vents" inside, it does create quite a bit of condensation. It does have a bit of rumbling noise when it starts up, but after start up it quietly hums.
I clean the lint catcher inside the drum after every load, and have cleaned the back once so far. I use a soft toothbrush for this and it grabs the lint quite well and I don't worry about poking a hole in the screens.
It is just me that I am doing laundry for, if I had another person, I'm not so sure this would be the best option. Between my tiny washer and tiny Morus, it takes me all day to do laundry just for me. I'm sure in the summer it will go faster, as with jeans and sweatshirts added to my dress slacks and sweaters for work, it takes time.
I can dry one queen sheet at a time, one body towel with washcloths added at a time, one hooded sweatshirt at a time, and quite a few shirts, socks and delicates at one time. I usually use the 60 minute setting and loads like the large queen sheets aren't quite dry after 60, but they never were in the paid apartment dryer either.
I use name brand liquid detergent, and softener in the washer, and add a dryer sheet in the Morus. I believe this most likely isn't good for breathing with it venting inside, but I'm still doing it....Maybe I'll try a dryer ball. The Morus is one of my best apartment purchases so far!

Love the dryer

This is amazing super cool great product can't sing of good things. I love it love it love it. I hope everyone gets one. It's perfect great job.

Curtis Chin
Simply a well designed product !

We're really happy with our Morus 1. It's simply a thoughtfully designed product that does it's job well.

Tom Parker
so far so good

I love the way it works and looks, really quick at drying clothes, it's a little noisy but then again dryers are. I've not attached a power meter to it yet but it didn't seem to use much electric while drying. Shame it hasn't got any smart features like a push notification maybe an idea for future versions. So far so good I will use it for quick drying of a single outfit/shoes needed urgently.

Lee Haro

A must buy especially if you live in a small apartment or a some sort of camper. I have an appartement in Santa Monica California where everything is just extremely expensive, but I purchase this and let me tell you -you will never find a better product than this did tons of research I couldn't stop doing research and it's very difficult to find a small dryer in California or Los Angeles I don't know why But But this is the GREATEST!
I dry everything in seconds practically and perfectly done it's amazing thank you God for giving these engineers the wit to Create this genius contraption.