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Morus Zero Vacuum Dryer

Experience NEXT-LEVEL clothes drying, enjoy ease and happiness in life!

Vacuum+™ Drying Technology
Dry your clothes in 15 Min!

Say goodbye to the long wait with conventional dryers, enjoy fresh and dry clothes anytime you want

Delicate Care for Your Clothes

Morus Zero cares more than speed, it provides your clothes the gentlest drying treatment, no need to worry about shrinkage, wrinkles, or other damages.

Automatically Stops When Drying Finishes


Prevents Wrinkles with Reverse Tumble Action

Morus Zero will effectively prevent your clothes from tangling or getting creased by changing the direction of the drum, ensures more uniform drying, and reduces wrinkles.


Whether you want to go fresh or go warm, perform quick drying or sterilizing, treat shoes, shirts, or others, we have well-tuned a variety of specialized modes for different use scenarios, got your all kinds of drying needs covered.

Clear Display & Simple Control

Equipped with a clearly designed interface and a straightforward operation panel, Morus Zero allows easy and smooth use for people of any age.

Ventless & Install Free

Unlike conventional vented dryers and heat-pump dryers that require installing brackets, pipes, or even changing the existing home spaces, Morus Zero will save you all the trouble, it just works out of box.

Detachable Tank Solution to Avoid Mold

Instead of disposing the evaporated water into the air by ventilation, Morus Zero stores it in a detachable tank. Get you the most convenient user experience without worrying about the indoor space becoming damp thus causing mold problems.

Specially Designed Bracket for Shoes

We offer a specially designed bracket as a free add-on to dry your shoes. Soaking wet your shoes on a rainy day? Washed shoes are hard to dry? These are no longer your troubles with Morus Zero.

Easy to Maintain

The lint filter inside the machine can filter the fluff and hair. And the maintenance process can be super easy to perform, all you need to do is just simply remove it and resin the residual off.

Sleek, Minimalist, Elegant

Compact countertop size is easy to carry and plant, allows you to dry your clothes no matter when and where, just plug and go!

A Cloth-Drying Solution for Everyone

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Improve Quality of Life & Gain Daily Life Happiness

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA



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