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Why did my dryer’s opening crack?

The first dryer I purchased was cracking in the frame. Now I’m worried about the other one I have. It dries great,but this one issue concerns me.


Bro this thing is just a hairdyer which is spinning. thats it. Just open the case and you know whats going on

Best customer service ever like good 1980’s answer with a live person with a smile in their voice but only via email type of way.

The dryer stop turning and stop working

It's works great and I use it constantly to dry small items.

I like that it’s Small and fits in my bedroom nice . The dark grey really fits with my decor in my room haven’t used it yet .just set it up .ready to be used 😜👍🏽do the Dolly comes into dark gray ?

Dryer gets hot when on auto setting

The Morus dryer helped my laundry day go faster, and it’s smart enough to tell when my clothes are already dry so it would turn itself off. I am also glad to get it at discount price.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're delighted to hear that the Morus dryer has made your laundry day more efficient and that you're pleased with its smart features and the discount you received.

We truly appreciate your support and satisfaction with our product. We encourage you to stay tuned to our website as we continue to share interesting Morus brand stories and developments. There will be opportunities for you to become a tester for our upcoming compact portable washing machines. Your continued interest and support mean a lot to us, and we're here to provide you with top-notch products and experiences. Thank you for being a valued Morus customer!

Love it. This thing is awesome and so quiet. Will take you awhile to dry all
Of your clothes due to size but works great.

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! We truly appreciate your kind words and are thrilled to hear that you love our product. It's fantastic that you find it awesome and quiet, providing efficient drying.

While our Morus dryer may take a bit more time due to its size, we're delighted to hear that it's working great for you. Your satisfaction means a lot to us.

We invite you to stay connected with us by following our website. We'll continue to share intriguing Morus brand stories and development updates. Plus, there's a chance for you to become a tester for our upcoming compact portable washing machine! Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

I love it for single loads.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with our product. We're delighted to hear that you love it for single loads. Our goal at Morus is to provide the perfect washing and drying solution for compact spaces, and feedback from users like you is incredibly valuable.

We understand that there may be areas where we can improve, and your input helps us in that process. We greatly appreciate your review and the trust you've placed in our product. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to continuously enhancing our offerings based on valuable feedback like yours. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Doesn't fit many clothes. Expensive. But compact.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with our product. Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for sharing your thoughts.

We understand that the product may have limitations, such as not fitting as many clothes and being relatively expensive. Your detailed insights are invaluable to us as they provide valuable information for our future product improvements.

We truly value the opinions of our fans and customers, as they serve as a driving force for our continuous growth and innovation. We encourage you to share any further feedback or suggestions you may have, as they play a vital role in shaping our future products. Thank you for your openness and support.

The dryer works well although I do have a couple of suggestions that would make me even happier.

Big fan of the dryer and or Morus as a company. The dryer works well although I do have a couple of suggestions that would make me even happier. It would be nice to have the ability to manually enter drying time and temperature as well as an option to disable the anti-wrinkle tumble action that occurs when the drying cycle is over. With all that said, the dryer is excellent for anyone living in a small space from tiny homes to RVs and travel trailers. I personally keep mine under the bed in my Airstream.

Best investment ever!

I must say this is simply the best dryer in the market it’s small but does a huge job on getting a load done. All the cycles are simply the best even to dry your sneakers. I am truly amazed by this little dryer.

Perfect for small housing living

I've had my morus since October 2022. It was a bit pricey, but so far worth every penny. It takes up minimal space, doesn't need venting and dries clothes as good as the apartment dryer that I have to pay to use, and I don't have to put my wash in a machine that others use. That right there made it worth the price!
I live in a one bedroom apartment, and purchased an apartment sized washer too. The washer has paid for itself many times over, and the Morus will in time also.
I am watching my electric bill to see if it is increasing with the Morus, but it's hard to tell in winter, I have electric heat.
Because it "vents" inside, it does create quite a bit of condensation. It does have a bit of rumbling noise when it starts up, but after start up it quietly hums.
I clean the lint catcher inside the drum after every load, and have cleaned the back once so far. I use a soft toothbrush for this and it grabs the lint quite well and I don't worry about poking a hole in the screens.
It is just me that I am doing laundry for, if I had another person, I'm not so sure this would be the best option. Between my tiny washer and tiny Morus, it takes me all day to do laundry just for me. I'm sure in the summer it will go faster, as with jeans and sweatshirts added to my dress slacks and sweaters for work, it takes time.
I can dry one queen sheet at a time, one body towel with washcloths added at a time, one hooded sweatshirt at a time, and quite a few shirts, socks and delicates at one time. I usually use the 60 minute setting and loads like the large queen sheets aren't quite dry after 60, but they never were in the paid apartment dryer either.
I use name brand liquid detergent, and softener in the washer, and add a dryer sheet in the Morus. I believe this most likely isn't good for breathing with it venting inside, but I'm still doing it....Maybe I'll try a dryer ball. The Morus is one of my best apartment purchases so far!

Love the dryer

This is amazing super cool great product can't sing of good things. I love it love it love it. I hope everyone gets one. It's perfect great job.

Simply a well designed product !

We're really happy with our Morus 1. It's simply a thoughtfully designed product that does it's job well.

so far so good

I love the way it works and looks, really quick at drying clothes, it's a little noisy but then again dryers are. I've not attached a power meter to it yet but it didn't seem to use much electric while drying. Shame it hasn't got any smart features like a push notification maybe an idea for future versions. So far so good I will use it for quick drying of a single outfit/shoes needed urgently.


A must buy especially if you live in a small apartment or a some sort of camper. I have an appartement in Santa Monica California where everything is just extremely expensive, but I purchase this and let me tell you -you will never find a better product than this did tons of research I couldn't stop doing research and it's very difficult to find a small dryer in California or Los Angeles I don't know why But But this is the GREATEST!
I dry everything in seconds practically and perfectly done it's amazing thank you God for giving these engineers the wit to Create this genius contraption.

I bought mine at the start of their sale and I am pretty happy with mine.

This isn’t a paid promotion.

1) light weight is great

2) no dryer vent is also amazing because I can set it up anywhere I want and hide it if I want.

3) compact design is great for space saving

4) fabric feel after drying is amazingly soft. I use wash cloths with my bidet and hang dried wash cloths vs morus dried is a world of softness different. Everything feels like it was dried in a full size dryer. Jeans, shirts, wash cloths, socks, all have that tumble dry feel I’ve missed for so long!

A fantastic follow-up!

A fantastic and very professional follow-up, despite a catastrophic french carrier (DPD France), which gave them a hard time. Thank you Wendy!


Great for your kitchen or utility countertop. We also take ours in our campervan.

It's easy to use, quick and simple to setup, doesn't need ventilation and looks great.

Barely been off since it landed

We originally ordered the Morus Zero because we were expecting a baby and thought it would be perfect for baby clothes, but due to the delay caused by Covid we weren't sure we'd use it. Turns out it's my wife's favourite appliance and it's every bit as good for the laundry our 3-year-old generates (not to mention towels, underwear and jumpers). We didn't have room for a dryer in our kitchen, but the Morus sits neatly on the worktop and happily hums away daily. Absolutely delighted with it and not sure how we coped previously.


I Love this product. Works better than everything else

So Nice!

So nice to have a small easily movable dryer that is simple to use and works great! Love that it is light and fits almost anywhere. It will even run in my RV. Super quiet too!