Sales Policy

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Parties to the Agreement
The Morus Innovation Store Sales Agreement ("this Agreement" or "Sales Agreement") is a contract between you as the purchaser ("You") and Morus Innovation HK Limited (Morus) to purchase products from the Morus Innovation Store ( Please read and fully understand this Agreement, as it is a legally binding document for both parties.You must ensure that you have the legal capacity to sign and perform this Agreement and have obtained all necessary consent and authorization for this purpose.
Please confirm that you have fully understood and accepted this Agreement and other Morus terms ("Privacy Policy," "User Service Agreement") before submitting your order at the Morus Store. By checking this Agreement and submitting your order, you affirm that you have the authority to agree to and sign the clauses in this Agreement. If you cannot accept all the clauses in this Agreement, please do not click the "Buy it now" button.
Pictures and Advertisements
The information on the Morus Store is an invitation for offers. Any information does not constitute an offer from the Morus Store to provide any product or service.
Pictures, videos, and descriptions on the Morus Store may not always match the actual products due to variations in batches and technological advancements. While we strive for accuracy, we do not take responsibility for inaccuracies not subject to proofreading or for misunderstandings arising from differences in interpretation.
If you find any errors in the Morus Store's information, please contact us at
Pricing and Adjustment
Morus reserves the right to adjust product prices in the Morus Store based on market conditions. Any change in price will not affect orders already placed.
We reserve the right to correct unintentional pricing errors. In such cases, you will be notified and given the option to proceed with the corrected price or cancel your order without any charges.
Order Payment
Morus will not impose any additional fees or transaction costs for order payments. Any additional fees on your statement from your credit card or payment institution may result from their terms and agreements. For inquiries, please contact your issuing bank or payment institution.
Order Receipt and Confirmation
When you place an order on the Morus Store, it constitutes an offer to purchase products or services. If your order includes multiple items, each is considered a separate offer.
Due to product popularity or supply constraints, the Morus Store may limit purchase quantities. The Morus Store reserves the right to adjust available purchase quantities at any time.
Before placing an order, please carefully review the product details, including name, price, quantity, model, contact address, phone number, and recipient information. Any errors or omissions will be your responsibility, including any associated expenses.
Upon order placement, you will receive an initial order confirmation email. However, this email acknowledges receipt of your order and does not confirm acceptance. It simply indicates we've received your order.
We have the discretion to accept or decline your order based on stock, logistics, and policy conditions. We will contact you if we need to cancel all or part of your order or require additional information. If the Morus Store confirms your order but later cannot fulfill it or detects malicious activities, we will cancel the order and provide a full refund.
Order Cancellation
We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any order at any stage of the online ordering process, even after submission. Cancellation may result from limited quantities, inaccuracies in product information, malicious transactions, or account security issues.
To cancel an order, please do so before receiving the product's shipping details email by accessing "My Orders" on the official Morus online store or by emailing using your order placement email address. Once canceled, the payment will be refunded to your original payment account.
Orders cannot be modified after confirmation. If you wish to cancel an order after confirmation, please initiate a refund within 30 days of receiving the product. Refer to the Return and Exchange Policy for return requirements.
Pre-Sale Policy
For pre-sale products, Morus Store provides estimated shipping times. Actual shipping times may vary due to production, inventory, and force majeure circumstances.
By ordering a pre-sale product, you agree that Morus Store may adjust shipping times or cancel the order if necessary. In such cases, Morus will promptly notify you.
Handling Abnormal Orders
  1. You acknowledge that Morus official store reserves the right to unilaterally refund payments and cancel orders in certain circumstances, including:Abnormal order processes, such as participation in restricted purchase activities or using illegal software.
  2. Suspicious risks related to your user account or payment channel, including generating orders through improper means or engaging in malicious transactions.
  3. Inventory, supply, logistics constraints prevent shipment.
  4. False, inaccurate, or incomplete shipping information.
  5. Failure to sign for the product upon delivery to the designated address.