Morus Zero FAQ

1. How many drying modes does it have?

It has 7 pre-set drying modes and a separate sterilization option.

2. How many colors does it have?

There are 2 colors, Chalk White, and Lava Gray.

3. How Morus Zero achieves much faster drying?

Morus Zero has patented dehydration technology that involves a specially designed BLDC motor, multiple sets of sensors, and intelligent control programs, which can automatically adjust the pressure, heating power, and other parameters during the drying process to accelerate the evaporation of water and ensure drying clothes fastly and efficiently.

4. What's the warranty policy? Can I get it repaired if it breaks down after a few years?

We provide a one-year warranty for the dryer from the date you receive the product. If you encounter any problems with your product during or after the warranty period, you can contact our after-sales support team by email at We will try our best to help. For details of the services we can provide, please read our refund and warranty policy here.

5. What's the capacity? How many clothes does it handle in a load?

Its capacity is 3.3lb (1.5kg). It can take about 4 to 5 XL size adult shirts (8 to 10 face towels.), which is perfectly enough for 1-3 people's daily drying.

Also, to prevent overloading, we suggest you thoroughly spin dry using the washing machine before putting it in the dryer.

6. How much voltage does it use? What type of plug comes with it?

We have 110V-120V and 220V-240V AC voltage versions for different countries and are compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.

7. How to install the product?

All you need to do is place it on a stable desktop and plug it into the power supply. No other installation is needed.

8. When I use clothes dryers made by other manufacturers, my clothes shrink. Will this happen on Morus zero too?

Morus Zero has a lower drying temperature and faster drying speed than conventional dryers, so it can significantly reduce the occurrence of shrinkage. However, the fabric shrinkage is caused by multiple reasons. Not only drying, but some fabrics will shrink when even just washed (which you can refer to the label on your clothe). Please refer to our manual book for details of which fabric is forbidden and what cautions you need to take.

9. Can I manually set its drying temperature and drying time?

The drying temperature is preset and you can not manually select the value. The minimum temperature of the mode is 45 ° C and the maximum temperature is 65 ° C.

Although, Morus Zero will provide a variety of drying modes corresponding to different temperature parameters for users to choose from.

10. Can I use it to dry my shoes?

Morus Zero has a dedicated shoe drying function, and we have additionally designed a shoe drying rack to go along with this function for your convenience. This add-on will be offered to you for free along with the package.

11. Does it have a lint trap? How often should I clean it?

Morus Zero comes with a lint trap which is used to capture the lint during drying. Since the amount of lint from different clothes is different, to make the machine work perfectly, it's suggested to check the lint filter after every one or two dryings. We have made the maintenance super easy to perform. You can read our user manual for the specific steps.

12. Will the UV fade the color of clothes?

Compared to hours of hang drying under the sun, Morus Zero UV light will be much less.

However, UV more or less accelerates the aging of fabrics and colors, depending on the intensity of the illuminating, the types of fabric used, and the dyes used by the manufacturer. You can also choose whether to turn on the UV function on Murus Zero of your own will.

13. Can I dry jeans, bras, or other items with metal parts in the machine?

Clothing with a small amount of metal, such as metal buttons, metal fasteners, and metal accessories, does not affect the use of the product. However, it cannot be used for drying pure metal.