Warranty Policy

Morus products come with a warranty of up to twelve (12) months from the date of the sales invoice. (*The warranty period may vary based on local laws and regulations.) If your product experiences performance issues due to normal use within the warranty period, Morus will provide free maintenance services.
Warranty Limitations Subject to Consumer Law: To the extent permitted by law, this warranty and the remedies outlined herein are exclusive and replace all other warranties, conditions, and remedies, whether oral, written, statutory, express, or implied. Morus disclaims all statutory and implied warranties, including, but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties against hidden or latent defects, to the extent permitted by law. In situations where such warranties cannot be disclaimed, Morus limits the duration and remedies of such warranties to the terms of this express warranty and the repair or replacement services described below.
What Is Covered by This Warranty: This warranty applies exclusively to Morus products purchased for personal use from the official Morus Store and not intended for resale. Under this Limited Warranty, Morus warrants that each product you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the day you receive the product. If you cannot provide an invoice or other valid proof of purchase, the warranty period will commence 90 days after the device's factory production date, ending 15 months after the production date (unless otherwise specified by Morus).
To qualify for free-of-charge warranty service, the following conditions must be met: √ The product has been used normally within the warranty period and shows no signs of external damage. √ The product has not undergone unauthorized disassembly, modification, or alterations outside the official manual guidelines, nor has it been subjected to other human-caused failures. √ You can provide valid proof of purchase, receipts, and order numbers.
What Is Not Covered by This Warranty: This warranty does not cover the following:
  • Any non-Morus branded hardware products or software, even if packaged or sold with Morus hardware.
  • Failure to follow instructions related to using Morus products, resulting in damage or issues.
  • Products that fall outside the warranty period.
  • Damage due to private modification, disassembly, or product teardown not guided by the official manual for attempted repairs.
  • Failures due to the customer's own repair installation of accessories without official guidance.
  • Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and damage to port plastics.
  • Damage caused by the use of third-party components or products.
  • Product failure or damage due to accidental factors or human causes (e.g., water immersion, shock, falling, etc.).
  • Product failure or damage caused by a major incident or natural disaster (e.g., fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.).
  • Damage due to incorrect installation, use, or operation not following the official product manual.
  • Damage incurred during upgrade/repair services by anyone other than Morus representatives.
  • Defects resulting from normal wear or aging of Morus products.
  • Removal or tampering of any Morus product's serial number.
  • Inability to remove password-enabled or other forms of security to prevent unauthorized use of Morus products, unless proof of authorized product use (e.g., presenting proof of purchase) is provided.
  • Failure to send the corresponding item within seven natural days after requesting warranty service.
What Morus Will Do:
  • If you encounter an issue with your product, please contact Morus and provide a detailed description of the problem.
  • Availability and terms of after-sales service may vary by location, and services outside the standard service range may incur charges. For detailed information based on your location, please contact Morus.