Morus Zero

The First Ultrafast Countertop Vacuum Tumble Dryer in The World

Revolutionary Vacuum+™ Drying Technology

With our patented vacuum drying technology, Morus Zero can make the water evaporate at
a lower temperature by creating a low-pressure enviroment inside the machine.

15 Min Drying | Eco-Friendly | Fabric Protect
Compare to the conventional dryers,
it excellently performs at an 4X faster drying speed, saves up to 40% of energy consumption,
in the meanwhile protects your garments from shrinkage or damage with the gentlest treatment.
Multiple Smart Modes for Different Usage
Fresh, Warm & Fluffy Drying Performance
Ventless & Install Free
Unlike conventional vented dryers and heat-pump dryers that
require installing brackets, pipes, Morus Zero will save you all the
trouble, it just works out of box.


Morus Zero fits in almost any decorating styles


"The innovative quality of this energy-efficient tumble dryer is emphasised by its appealingly unconventional overall image."

Smart Drying
Moisture Sensor system automatically turns off
the device when the drying is finished.
Safe Drying
The built-in UV sterilization can effectively eliminate
over 99.9% of bacteria during ultrafast drying time.