Morus Care Policy

  1. What Is Morus Care? Morus Care is a replacement service for products damaged due to non-human causes, accidental drops, pressure, or impacts during normal use. The service period is one year (365 days) from the date of automatic activation. If you purchase Morus Care along with your Morus product for the first time, the activation date will start from the day you receive the product (Morus Care will cover the official one-year warranty period). For example, if you purchase Morus and Morus Care on September 1, 2023, your Morus Care service will begin counting from the day you receive the product, giving you two years of Morus Care service.
  2. How Does Morus Care Differ from the 1-Year Official Happiness Warranty? The Morus 1-year official Happiness Warranty provides free maintenance and repair services for products that malfunction due to non-human causes. Morus Care covers damage resulting from normal use or accidents. It is valid for one year (when purchased together with Morus products, Morus Care upgrades the existing 1-year official warranty to two years of Morus Care service).
  3. Which Countries/Regions Are Eligible for Morus Care Replacement? Currently, we are rolling out Morus Care services only in the United States, and your Morus product must be purchased from the official Morus website (
  4. Which Model Does Morus Care Support? Morus Care offers replacement services for the following product: Morus Zero.
  5. Are There Any Fees for Using Morus Care for Repairs? You do not need to pay any additional replacement fees. If you use Morus Care to request a replacement for your product, you won't incur any labor costs (though you may need to cover replacement shipping fees).
  6. Can I Use Morus Care If My Morus Product Is Stolen or Lost? Morus Care does not cover theft or loss.
  7. How Long Does Shipping and Activation of Morus Care Take? Morus Care is not a physical product, so you won't need to wait for shipping. When you purchase Morus Care along with Morus Zero, the service is automatically linked to the product and activates upon your receipt of the product. When you purchase Morus Care separately, the service starts counting from the purchase date.
  8. How Do I Request Repair Services After Activating Morus Care? You can request repair services online by clicking here. You can also reach out to our technical support team via for further assistance.
  9. If I Request Official Warranty Repairs Within the 1-Year Period, Does It Consume My Morus Care Service? If the product experiences quality issues within the official warranty period due to non-human factors, it does not consume your Morus Care service.
  10. I Purchased Morus Care for My Morus Zero. Can I Extend It After It Expires or Has Been Used? Morus Care can be purchased only once for the same Morus machine.
  11. How Can I Get More Information About Morus Care? For more details, please refer to the Service Agreement. You can contact our support team for further inquiries through online chat or by emailing For Morus Care repair information, you can contact our dedicated customer service at, and the Morus Care exclusive support team will assist you.