Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Clothes Dryer for Apartment, Tiny Home or RV

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Are you tired of waiting for your clothes to dry in crowded laundromats or dealing with unpredictable weather? Morus Zero is here to revolutionize your laundry routine!

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What Makes Morus Zero the Best Choice for You?

Best quality ultrafast portable tumble dryer based on patent drying technology. It can dry your clothes in the fastest 15 min with awards-winning compact size, UV sterilization, fabric protection, and smart sensor drying, zero installation needed.


Installation is a breeze

At Morus, we believe in keeping things simple for you. That's why all our installations are pre-completed. When you receive your Morus Zero, just follow our easy-to-read product manual to plug it in and flip the switch. It's as simple as that! Enjoy the convenience Morus brings to your life. And if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to chat with us – we're here to patiently assist you until everything is just right.

Quick Drying in Just 15 Minutes

Tired of waiting for ages in the laundry room? Fed up with damp clothes just before that special date? With our unique patented technology, Morus can put an end to all your worries in just 15 minutes. Simply flip the switch and choose our tailor-made quick drying mode, and voilà, you're good to go!

Extra-Clean boost with sanitization

The built-in UV sterilization effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria during the ultrafast drying time. It’s also environmentally friendly since there are no dangerous or toxic chemicals to handle. So not only does Morus Zero keep your clothes dry, but also keeps them clean from any nasty bacteria!

Say goodbye to over-drying

Ever had clothes damaged due to over-drying? We've got you covered with Morus' Smart Drying Mode. When Morus Zero detects that your laundry is perfectly dry, it automatically shuts off. Simply hit 'Start', relax, and let Morus Zero take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Banish wrinkles - Reverse rotation to aviod tangling

Unlike the single-motor design of other conventional dryers, Morus Zero has three high-performance motors inside, one of which is used to drive the drum to rotate independently. Our program can precisely control the direction, speed and even acceleration of the tumble. In this way the clothes can be dried evenly and come out with fewer wrinkles. 

Curious about Silk Mode?

Morus has you covered. Our innovative low-temperature, slow drying technology ensures your delicate fabrics are treated with the utmost care, leaving them refreshed and like new. Say goodbye to worries about high-end materials; Morus keeps your wardrobe looking its best.

Morus Makes Something Different

Although your Morus Zero only occupies a small part of your living space, the powerful performance we give your Morus and makes it the best butler in your life, helping you dry anything

Warm Your Bathrobe

Keep Your Shoes Dry

Inspiration starts with options

Try sliding the buttons to choose your favorite style. Explore our environments and inspire yourself to find the right balance in your apartment, tiny home or RV.

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Morus Design Award

iF Design Award

Red Dot Design Award

Golden Pin Design Award

Doing laundry at a laundromat costs around $6.20 each time. Plus, it's a total time drain. I'm loving my Zero dryer – no more costly trips or wasted hours. It's like saving money and time with every load!

- Nelson.S (Verified Customer)

The Morus Zero is one of the most innovative portable dryers on the market.
With its very simple and fast setup and overall ease of use, the Morus Zero dryer is an excellent choice for many renters or homeowners.

What they say?

Morus has over 80,000 fans worldwide who refuse to be confined by space limitations. They choose Morus to redefine their laundry experience. Join the movement today!

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Emily Brown

Good so far!!!

I only received the dryer last week (Oct 2022), which was surprising, because I'd basically given up on ever getting it - the last info I got was saying it would be shipped in July 2022, and nothing until it arrived on my doorstep 3 months later. I've tried using it on a few items, and so far it seems to work, and is quieter than I expected. Dried socks and t-shirts fairly quickly...but a bed sheet took a long time (45 min on the 'quick dry' setting...). But it's a great size, nice design, easy to operate.

Michael Williams

mini perfect!

I recently discovered the Morus dryer on the blog . This dryer is the perfect fit for my small apartment! The setup is a breeze - all I have to do is plug it in and I'm good to go. And the drying speed is lightning fast. It's amazing how quickly my clothes get dry, even on the highest setting. The best part is that it helps me save a ton of space since I no longer need to hang my clothes to dry. Plus, with its fantastic disinfection feature, I can rest assured that my clothes are not just dry but also germ-free. If you're looking for a hassle-free and efficient way to dry your clothes, the Morus dryer is definitely the way to go!

Mary U.

Drying without high heat is a game changer.

Big fan of the dryer and or Morus as a company. The dryer works well although I do have a couple of suggestions that would make me even happier. It would be nice to have the ability to manually enter drying time and temperature as well as an option to disable the anti-wrinkle tumble action that occurs when the drying cycle is over. With all that said, the dryer is excellent for anyone living in a small space from tiny homes to RVs and travel trailers. I personally keep mine under the bed in my Airstream.

For your apartment, tiny home or RV

Discover the Power of Compact Brilliance

Morus makes dealing with wet clothes so simple. We believe that you have some questions before you get it. But don't worry, here is some Frequently Asked Questions what we have prepared for you.


Product Specs

Size (WxHxD)

15.3 x 19.3 x 20.8"




31.3 lbs


100V ~ 120V