How to Dry Clothes Faster in Your Busy Days?

How to Dry Clothes Faster in Your Busy Days?

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For many people, laundry is a tedious and painful task, and getting the clothes dry after washing is a big part of the process.

When it comes to clothes drying, some choose sun-dry. It may be an acceptable solution during sunny days. But drying your clothes in the sunlight may become extremely difficult if you encounter a continuous rainy season. And as heavy manual labor, you need to hang the clothes on a drying rack, put your clothes under the sun to let them dry, wait for a day or two, then fold them.

Laundromats usually require more effort

Some may use laundromats. However, public laundries usually require more effort, including carrying your garments to the store and waiting in queues for the machine to become available.

Moreover, there are instances where you may need to wear something for work during rush hour or may need to dress up in your favorite look for an important date. You may be able to go through a wash cycle quickly but getting it dry in a short time is much more work to accomplish.

To make daily laundry easy and efficient, drying efficiency matters. So are there any measures you can take to achieve faster drying?

Effective Ways to Dry Your Clothes Quickly

In modern life, a dryer is a popular method of drying clothes. If you have a dryer, you can easily get your clothes dry. Place your washed clothes in the dryer's drum, set the temperature and time, and wait for the drying to stop.

Traditional dryers are commonly used in most families and are characterized by their large size and require vent installation. They usually take 1 to 2 hours to dry, and sometimes they don't dry out completely. There may even be excessive waiting if improper usage and lack of maintenance exist. So, how exactly can we optimize the drying speed of the dryer while achieving the effect of completely drying all the garments?

Periodic Lint Removal and Vent Cleaning

Good ventilation is necessary conditions to ensure the drying speed. Drying speed will inevitably be affected if lint blocks the filter and pipes. You will need to clean them regularly. Our recommended cycle is to clean the lint trap every three to four uses; Disassemble the pipe connection every two months to inspect and clean the vent.

Avoid Over-loading & Reduce Tangling

Stacking and tangling of clothes due to the immense load can also slow down the process, making it difficult for the dryer to dry your clothes thoroughly. In this case, you must carefully control the amount of clothing in each cycle to avoid overloading. If you still need to get a dryer or consider replacing one, pay attention to whether the product has a design that can shake out the clothes before making the purchase.

Avoid Over-loading & Reduce Tangling

Correct Selection of Drying Settings

Some old-fashioned dryers in life usually only have a single mode. No matter what type of clothing you throw in, it will treat it the same. So in order to set the correct temperature and time for different types and amounts of clothing, you must strictly follow the instructions and master from experiences. Otherwise, even if you put in just a thin T-shirt or tank top, it will judge it as the same as a jacket.

Solution for Those Living in Small Apartments or RVs

Suppose you cannot have your own dryer due to space constrictions, in this case, Morus Zero Ultra-fast Portable Dryer as a new and more efficient dryer can be a permanent solution to avoid many of the abovementioned problems.

Dry clothes faster for those Lliving in small apartments or RVs

It's an innovative dryer with a countertop design and patent drying technology. With high-performance neodymium magnetic BLDC motor it can create a low-pressure environment inside the tumble during the cycle, increasing the evaporation rate of water at a lower temperature, furtherly combining with a vast airflow volume of 43.5 MPH, dramatically improving the drying efficiency.

At the same time, the reverse tumble action can reduce the tangling of the clothes. These designs work together to achieve a drying speed that is 60% faster than conventional dryers.

Wrapping Up

A home dryer is essential for faster clothes drying than drying in the sun or using a public laundry. And there are many measures you can take to improve drying efficiency while using a dryer.

To those living in limited spaces such as small apartments, tiny houses or RVs, unable to install a traditional big dryer, Morus Zero is your time-saving little machine that helps improve household chore efficiency, making every day easier and cozier.


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