Is a Portable Dryer Right For You?

Is a Portable Dryer Right For You?

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Not everyone owns a big house, many live in limited space. And when it comes to laundry, those who live in a flat, mini house, or RV may have limited access to a clothes dryer.

Based on the trend that more and more people are considering a portable dryer to make life easier, let's examine some of the features of portable dryers and see if they are right for you. Out of all the possibilities, there should be a clear choice.

What is a portable dryer?

Firstly, we would like to introduce some basics of portable dryers for those who have been without a portable dryer before.

Most portable dryers are very similar in that they are usually much smaller than full-size conventional dryers. Conventional full-size dryers are always large and bulky, identical in size to a washing machine, and often require the installation of a drain. You can only place them in relatively large balconies or dedicated laundry rooms. Portable dryers, however, are more compact to be placed directly in various places, easier to carry and plant. 

Is a Portable Dryer Right For You?

Why do you need a portable dryer?

You may not use a dryer as often as other appliances, such as a fridge or washing machine. But the inconvenience of not being able to have a dryer at home is tangible and visible.

Why do you need a portable dryer?

Some people may opt for the laundromat, but the inconvenience of long-distance walking, hygiene issues, and expensive bills can all be significant problems. Some flats have drying areas, but these facilities can be more costly than a laundromat. Sometime they can not always provide excellent drying quality, or may even cause damages to your clothes due to overheating. Lugging a large laundry bag to the nearby laundromat to dry your clothes may not be the best option.

Also, if you live in a cramped and limited space already filled with all sorts of large furniture, appliances, and other stuff but no dryer pre-installed. Isn't it challenging to fit in a large dryer that requires a gas connection or a vent? Not to mention that some landlords won't even permit it at all.

Why do you need a portable dryer? 2

And for people who already own a dryer in their rent, those big and bulky appliances can be a hassle every time you move from one place to another.

So, what can savvy flat dwellers and RVers do to solve this problem?

An essential solution is a portable dryer that doesn't take up much space. It can make your life easier and more convenient! A portable dryer can erase your worries about weather and distance, preserve your privacy, and save lots of time.

Would you like a countertop and installation-free dryer?

Among the existing portable dryers on the market, the Morus Zero Ultra-fast Dryer is the only one that can achieve high-efficiency drying and stay TRULY PORTABLE simultaneously.

Truly Portable

Many "portable dryers" on the market weigh upwards of 37 pounds, which is unlikely to be carried around at will. At the same time, many products of the same type still require pipe installation or holes in the wall. Space restriction still exists for those dryers.

Morus Zero measures (W x H x D) 415 X 528 X 489 mm and weighs only 28.7 lbs; Along with the install-free futuristic design, Morus Zero made it "truly portable" for any home.

Would you like a countertop and installation-free dryer?

Imagine how easy it will be when you only need to take the machine out of the box, plug it in, and flip the switch, instead of having to drill holes and install pipes. Not just for the balcony and laundry room, you can also put it in the closet, bathroom, living room, or even your RV.

More Than Portable

In addition to its compact size, Morus Zero can achieve drying speeds up to 60% faster than conventional dryers and kill 99.99% of bacteria & mites with built-in sterilization. With robust BLDC motor control and airflow that hits 43.5 MPH, Morus Zero conducts a more substantial wrinkle reduction effect and delivers soft and comfy results you can feel. Last but not least, the AI-driven sensor system with fabric protection eliminates tedious set-up, treats different garments with dedicated modes, and makes it easy as cake.

Morus Zero is more than portable

Despite its portable size, up to 8-shirts volume can easily fit 1-3 people's daily changing needs.

So, is a portable dryer right for you?

If you have a big family, live in a big house, and have access to install a gas collection or vent, the answer is probably no.

As it's designed to fill a gap that a full-size conventional dryer can't reach, a portable dryer may not fully compete with a full-size dryer in all user scenarios.

However, portable dryers may be the best option for sub-optimal situations outside such conditions. They fix certain problems, do the drying job well enough, and sometimes do it even better.

Morus Zero is one of the best portable dryer solutions with sleek and elegant design that can make your life easier. It fits perfectly in your flat, small house, or RV and is easy to carry and install when you need to change your accommodation. So, if a portable dryer is right for you, why not opt-in for a more convenient life

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