Portable Clothes Dryer for Gyms

Portable Clothes Dryer for Gyms: Keep Clients Damp-Free & Increase Retention

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  1. Introduction
  2. Introducing the solution: a portable clothes dryer
  3. What a portable clothes dryer is and how it works
  4. How to use a portable clothes dryer at the gym
  5. Benefits of using a portable clothes dryer at the gym
  6. Tips for selecting the appropriate portable clothes dryer for specific needs and preferences
  7. Best practices for maintaining and storing a portable clothes dryer in gym
  8. Conclusion


Working out at the gym requires dedication and consistency. Spending hours sweating through intense exercise sessions, but without proper drying and freshing up facilities on site, these workouts can lead to discomfort, hygiene issues and clients turning away from your gym.

Letting people leave the gym with a damp, smelly and unclean feeling is an unpleasant experience that will reflect poorly on your business.


Portable Clothes Dryer for Gym


Introducing the solution: a portable clothes dryer

The solution is simple: a portable clothes dryer.

These lightweight, space-saving dryers can be wheeled in and out of any gym, converting an unused closet or corner into an effective laundry solution.

Clients can dry sweaty clothes, towels, gym bags and gear completely on site, leaving refreshed and re-energized rather than soggy.


Gym Portable Clothes Dryer


What a portable clothes dryer is and how it works

A portable clothes dryer is a compact heat and spin dryer that can be wheeled into any space. These dryers function like traditional dryers but in a more compact, mobile package that is easily relocated.

They heat and spin clothes, towels and other laundry items to efficiently remove moisture, leaving items completely dry without the need for permanent installation.

Portable clothes dryers can be used in any room with an electrical outlet, converting unused space into an effective temporary or permanent drying solution. They provide the drying power of larger units but with the flexibility to set up and break down anywhere.


small compact dryer at gym


How to use a portable clothes dryer at the gym

Using a portable clothes dryer at the gym is simple once plugged in. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Select a dry cycle for the clothing items being dried. Use delicate for gym clothes and higher heat settings for towels.
  2. Load damp clothes, towels and gear into the dryer drum and close the lid. For smaller loads, you can also dry only a partial load.
  3. Turn the dryer on and press start to begin drying. Check periodically if drying times seem off.
  4. Once the cycle is completed, remove all items from the drum to prevent wrinkling.
  5. Wipe down the interior of the dryer drum with a damp cloth to remove any left behind lint before storing to keep the unit clean.
  6. Unplug the dryer when not in use and store in a closet, under a table or desk until the next use.

Benefits of using a portable clothes dryer at the gym

The benefits of a portable clothes dryer in gyms are countless. Users can dry damp clothes, towels and gear quickly without issues. No more musty-smelling gym bags or clients driving home soaked. Hygiene and comfort are improved, encouraging longer, happier workouts.

Providing drying at the gym also increases convenience, reducing the trip home for a clothes change. This increases time spent at the gym, boosting results and membership satisfaction. A dryer at the gym adds value, making a brand seem more premium and professional in the eyes of members.

Retention soars when facilities meet needs. With a solution for drying that minimizes inconvenience, discomfort and poor experiences, more members choose to make a gym their gym for life. A portable clothes dryer pays for itself through member loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, becoming an investment that keeps on giving for years to come.

You can know more in Why a Portable Clothes Dryer Is a Great Investment.


Compact Dryer for Gym


Tips for selecting the appropriate portable clothes dryer for specific needs and preferences

  • Capacity: Choose a dryer that can handle the average load sizes of gym users. Larger capacity for facilities with bigger clientele.
  • Energy efficiency: Inverter or heat pump dryers are eco-friendly but higher cost. Balance green operating with budget.
  • Ventless capability: If no exterior venting available, a ventless dryer is required. More expensive to operate but versatile.
  • Cycle options: More cycle options like shirt, shoe, sanitize provide flexibility for different clothing types. Not essential but a convenience.
  • Cycle timer: A timer allows tying drying time to specific loads for consistent, optimized results. Helpful but not critical, especially for experienced users.

Best practices for maintaining and storing a portable clothes dryer in gym

  • Clean the lint trap and dryer drum before each client use. Built-up lint reduces efficiency and can be a fire hazard, especially with heavy gym towel use.
  • Leave the dryer door open between client uses to prevent musty smells from developing inside the drum. This improves the experience for the next member.
  • Unplug the dryer immediately after the last client use for the day for safety and energy efficiency. Portable units plugged in overnight increase the risk of tripping a circuit breaker.
  • Store the dryer in an upright position on a level surface. Do not leave on the floor, especially in high-traffic areas. This prevents the unit from tipping over or becoming a tripping hazard.
  • Cover or move the dryer to a secure storage area when the gym is closed. This shields the unit from potential damage or weathering. Also deters tampering or improper use by unauthorized individuals.
  • Services or repair the dryer annually or as recommended to ensure safe, efficient performance. Well-maintained appliances last longer, reducing costs over the lifetime.
  • Keep the dryer owner's manual accessible for staff. This provides guidance on proper operation, troubleshooting steps and servicing resources to minimize downtime if issues occur.
  • Consider an extended warranty for maximum coverage and protection on a heavily used gym appliance. Portable dryers experience significant stress, so additional coverage may provide better long-term value.
  • Replace the dryer every 3-5 years based on the number of daily uses to ensure reliable, high-performance operation. Frequent, intensive use wears components more quickly, and an older unit may not meet member needs or expectations. Safety should also be considered regarding older, heavily used equipment. Morus Zero dryer maybe your best partner in gym.


Morus clothes dryer



Every small gym can make a big difference with forward-thinking amenities and facilities that facilitate the results and relationships members crave. The improvement on details will hugely improve member's experience.

A portable clothes dryer isn't an afterthought. It's an investment in building lifelong loyalty through everyday excellence.

Try, learn, grow and share successes with your community. Every voice helps make the case for portable clothes dryers as a must-have for gyms and the wellness industry as a whole.

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