Portable Clothes Dryer Mistakes: 5 Laundry Lapses to Avoid!

Portable Clothes Dryer Mistakes: 5 Laundry Lapses to Avoid!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Drying soft rubber in the portable clothes dryer
  3. Pairing dense, heavy items with fragile, lightweight ones
  4. Placing your dryer on uneven ground
  5. Overloading the machine
  6. Using Too Much Detergent
  7. Conclusion


The utility of a portable clothes dryer on a soggy, dismal day is undoubtedly cherished. Potentially, only an innovation such as an automatic folding-and-storage device could surpass the comfort it provides in doing the laundry.

However, are you utilizing your portable clothes dryer to its fullest potential? It is plausible that you may be performing some laundry mishaps that could incur financial expenses, waste energy, and worse yet, cause irreparable damage to your garments.

Drying soft rubber in the portable clothes dryer

According to expert advice, it's best to steer clear of tumble drying your soft rubber accessories in the pockets as it can permanently ruin them. When soft rubber is inside the portable clothes dryer, it will break down and crack during the drying process. Leaving the drum with an unpleasant smell.

To achieve optimal results, it's recommended that you take your rubber pieces outside before you dry them.

Pairing dense, heavy items with fragile, lightweight ones

For optimal results, it's advisable to dry similar items together instead of tossing a whole load into the portable clothes dryer, as per an expert's recommendation. It's worth noting that different materials have varying water-retention levels, meaning that thinner fabrics like satin will dry faster than bulkier textiles like towels and heavy denims. Hence, placing clothes of different weights together for drying can lead to over-drying some and leaving others damp, potentially causing damage. 

Portable Clothes Dryer Mistakes


Placing your dryer on uneven ground

Dryers are engineered to be utilized on flat surfaces, so if it's even slightly skewed, its functionality might be compromised. To guarantee that you employ it suitably, ascertain that your dryer is resting perfectly horizontal on the ground by utilizing a nearby level to corroborate.


Portable Clothes Dryer Mistakes


Overloading the machine

According to an expert, putting too much clothing in the dryer can result in incomplete drying. Although it appears obvious, we've all been guilty of filling the drum with wet clothes, cranking the heat and wishing for the best at some point.

The issue with this, according to the expert, is that the heat isn't the only factor impacting drying-the movement plays a significant role as well. If the clothing doesn't have enough space to move around in the dryer, it can result in inefficiencies, and overloading it can lead to extended drying times.

Long drying times can be detrimental to both your clothes and your utility bill. Therefore, it's essential to give your laundry ample space to move around in the dryer for successful and time-efficient drying.

Don't forget to clean your dryer regularly!

Using Too Much Detergent

The final mistake, and hopefully the final one on this list, is the application of excessive detergent. At times, you may be inclined to add more detergent to your wash than is required, assuming it will provide a more thorough cleaning for your clothes.

However, using too much detergent can result in a soapy overflow, making it difficult to rinse the clothes, and resulting in them remaining slippery with detergent residues. While it may seem that nobody can notice the leftover detergent on your laundry after you dry it, you should be aware that detergent residues can be found in the dryer drum, leading to clogged dryers and lint traps.


Portable Clothes Dryer Mistakes


Therefore, it's crucial to utilize only the necessary quantity of detergent to rinse your garments thoroughly and avoid soapy build-up from defiling the dryer.


Using a portable clothes dryer can be a practical and efficient approach to drying your laundry. Nevertheless, it is imperative to be mindful of certain lapses. By evading these mistakes, one can guarantee maximum efficiency from the appliance, while ensuring proper drying of clothes. Bearing these guidelines in mind, revel in pristine and fresh apparel devoid of any hindrances.

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