The Red Dot Portable Clothes Dryer

Graduating With Honors: How A Portable Clothes Dryer Earned The Red Dot?

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Red Dot Design Award?
  3. Innovativeness: The Red Dot Award Winner's secret weapon
  4. Smart Design: A portable, space-saving solution
  5. A Safe and Gentle Drying System
  6. Compact yet powerful
  7. Conclusion


Portable clothes dryers are a great option for homes or apartments where space is limited. They are smaller, more compact units that can deliver big drying power in a footprint that won't dominate your laundry room. They are designed with convenience and storage in mind.

Our highly-rated compact tumble dryer models have won Red Dot Design Awards for its excellent design and quality.

What is a Red Dot Design Award?

The Red Dot Award is a worldwide acclaimed design competition, celebrates and honors distinguished design excellence and innovation throughout industries, comprising product design, communication design, and design concept. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious and distinguished accolades in the design circle, recognized as a top-notch emblem of eminence. With its roots dating back to 1954, it has become a hallmark of top-tier design and advanced creativity.

Winning the sought-after "Red Dot Award" is a praiseworthy attainment for both designers and enterprises, as it caters to increasing brand visibility and boosting product sales.

Portable Clothes Dryers earned the red dot

The Red Dot Award has a rich history spanning over 60 years. It all began on July 30th, 1954, with the founding of the "Verein Industrieform" association. The association was initiated by Professor Dr. Carl Hundhausen, the head of Krupp's Public Relations and Advertising department, with the aim of creating a more attractive environment, modernizing German consumer goods and making them suitable for export, and transforming the image of Krupp after the Second World War.

In 1955, the first annual design competition was launched, and on October 5th of that year, the "Ständige Schau formschöner Industrieerzeugnisse" (Permanent Exhibition of Attractively Designed Industrial Products) opened in Essen's Villa Hügel. This innovative exhibition of consumer goods set a new standard, serving as a model for both industry and consumers and attracting global attention.

Innovativeness: The Red Dot Award Winner's secret weapon

One of the reasons the Morus Zero was recognized with the Red Dot Award is its innovativeness. The Morus Zero is a portable clothes dryer that uses patented dehydration technology to remove moisture from clothes instead of heat. It offers a sleek dark gray or white exterior that is fingerprint resistant for an elegant, high-end look.

At just 16.3 inches wide, 20.8 inches deep and 19.3 inches tall, it fits easily on any counter or in any closet. Its rounded edges prevent snags and support ease of cleaning. The Morus Zero only weighs 28.7 lbs so it can be easily wheeled to different locations as needed, making it perfect for travelers or those with limited living space.

Smart Design: A portable, space-saving solution

Contrary to the traditional dryers, the Morus Zero's waterless system is hassle-free and needs no installation, just plug in and dry. Because of the patented technology, there's no need for ventilation or drainage, making the Morus Zero an ideal solution for those residing in small apartments or condensing living spaces. Our portable clothes dryer features a minimalist eco-friendly recyclable shell with simple geometric lines that will complement any laundry space.

Portable Clothes Dryers earned the red dot

A Safe and Gentle Drying System

Traditional dryers can pose a fire risk if lint builds up in the vent or exhaust duct. Our portable clothes dryers do not require an external vent, reducing the risk of lint buildup and the potential for a fire.

The Morus Zero portable clothes dryer is equipped with patented airflow technology and is capable of drying gently without damaging the fabric. It can be used to dry everything from delicate linens to bulky comforters.

Compact yet powerful

Despite its miniature size, the Morus Zero portable clothes dryer is surprisingly powerful. It holds up to 8 shirts of laundry and dries clothes efficiently using a BLDC system. It reduces drying times by up to 60% comparing to traditional dryers. Down to 15 minutes are needed for drying. Moreover, an advanced sensor automatically optimizes the temperature based on the load size for maximum performance and cost-effectiveness. 

Portable Clothes Dryers earned the red dot


The Morus Zero portable clothes dryer is a true embodiment of the principle "form follows function."

Boasting an award-winning design, exceptional performance, and ingenious storage solutions, it offers a state-of-the-art laundry experience for individuals with limited space or mobility. This dryer not only looks stylish but is also sustainable and versatile, making it a perfect fit for modern, multi-functional homes. The Morus Zero is built to last, its timeless design ensuring it remains a reliable source of drying power for many years.

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