RV Laundry Solutions: Tips for Easy On-the-Go Cleaning in 2023!

RV Laundry Solutions: Tips for Easy On-the-Go Cleaning in 2023!

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  1. Laundry is still hard on the road
  2. Ways to perform laundry while traveling in an RV
  3. Why you should have a portable clothes dryer in your RV?

One of the most liberating experiences is an Recreational Vehicle(RV) journey, but it doesn't disregard the essential reality of doing laundry. Although RV laundry complications are expected for novice RV enthusiasts, they should not spoil your travels or empty your wallet. In this blog, we will share some simple methods to tackle doing laundry while on the go!

Laundry is still hard on the road

Despite being on the road, your laundry requirements in an RV are no less than they were at home, and occasionally they may even be greater, particularly if you're exploring the great outdoors and getting dirty.

The primary distinction is that most RVers do not have a conventional washer and dryer. Although you may be able to avoid laundry on short trips by packing adequately, it's advisable to prepare for doing laundry during our travels spanning two weeks or more.


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Ways to perform laundry while traveling in an RV

The ideal RV laundry solution for you may vary, depending on whether you're renting an RV for a vacation, using one that you own, or living in your motorhome on a full-time basis.

Affordable & Efficient Laundry for RVers

RV travelers can opt for traditional laundromats for their laundry needs as these facilities offer a wider variety of machines and lower rates compared to the laundry rooms in campgrounds.

Additionally, upscale laundromats may provide additional cleaning services and wash-and-dry services. The advantage of using these establishments is the ability to clean multiple loads of laundry simultaneously, as their machines work in large volumes.

However, concerns with using laundromats are the inconvenience of traveling to them and the expenses incurred. While there may be more machines available, one may not be assured of their availability, and waiting may still be necessary.


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Convenience vs. Limitations

Consider setting up a washer and dryer in your RV, provided that your RV can accommodate it. This way, you'll have your own personal laundry available as needed, with no more hassles of carrying coins, dragging laundry to the laundromat and waiting in line.

However, keep in mind that installing a washer and dryer in your RV isn't always the ideal solution for everyone, as it requires full hookups (water and sewer) and limits the places where you can park your RV. Also, this addition adds significant weight to your RV and may be challenging to handle in terms of buying and installing costs. Depending on your motorhome's size and structure, it may not even be possible to install them at all.

Compact models

For people who desire a personal laundry setup but cannot or do not want to have a full washer-dryer combo installed in their RV, portable washers and dryers for RVs can be a practical option. These compact models are more space-efficient than full-sized units and can be easily packed away when not in use.

Nonetheless, these types of machines generally need electric hookups and access to water and sewer systems, and you may need to find an area to store the portable washer and dryer when not using them. Our portable clothes dryer is install-free countertop size, you can place it anywhere you like. Without the access to water and sewer systems?

It is of no problem for Morus Zero, as it doesn't need to install them. With our patented drying technology, you can cut drying time down to 15 minutes and don't have to waste time on hours of waiting or rushing to the laundromat!

Why you should have a portable clothes dryer in your RV?

Morus Zero is a portable clothes dryer that utilizes a patented dehydration technology which is different from the traditional heating methods used in traditional dryers. With powerful BLDC motor control and airflow that hits 43.5 MPH, our dryer is more efficient than traditional dryer heating elements.


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Morus Zero portable clothes dryer is designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to operate, and it can be used to dry a wide variety of fabrics, including delicate clothing items. It also has a UV sterilization feature that helps to sanitize the clothes while drying them, making it ideal for use in small apartments or spaces. In your case, it is an essential item for your RV.

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