Portable Tailgate Dryers: Quick Drying for Wet Jerseys, Jackets & Kids Clothes

Forget Wet Jerseys! Use a Portable Dryer at Your Next Tailgate Party

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dealing with the Inevitable Wet, Muddy Clothes at Outdoor Tailgate Parties
  3. Portable Dryers Offer a Convenient Solution for Quickly Drying Clothes at Tailgates
  4. Tips for Efficiently Drying Wet Jerseys, Jackets, and Gear After Tailgating
  5. Keeping Kids Comfortable By Drying Clothes Before Heading Home
  6. Preventing Mildew Odors by Getting All Clothes Dry Post-Tailgate
  7. Conclusion


There's nothing like tailgating before a big game to get into the spirit and spend time with friends and family. But all that excitement comes with wet, muddy clothes that can make the ride home downright miserable. Whether it's wet socks and jerseys or kids' damp clothes caked with grass and dirt, leaving tailgate gear wet after the party is asking for issues. Not only can damp conditions make the ride home uncomfortable, but wet clothes left sitting can develop musty odors, shrink or lose shape over time.

Luckily, a portable dryer provides the perfect solution for quickly drying all your tailgate gear right in the parking lot before hitting the road. Compact, portable dryers make short work of soggy jerseys, boots and kids' clothes to ensure everyone arrives home dry and mildew-free. Forget worrying about wet tailgate mess - invest in a portable dryer to say goodbye to damp rides home after outdoor parties for good.

Dealing with the Inevitable Wet, Muddy Clothes at Outdoor Tailgate Parties

Tailgating and the great outdoors go hand-in-hand, but this can lead to inevitable spills, rain showers, and mud that leave fans' jerseys, jackets, hats, and pants soaked and dirty. Trying to enjoy the game in wet, muddy clothing can be miserable.

It's important to come prepared to deal with these outdoor hazards at tailgates. Having a good spot to set up where there is shade or coverage from trees can help minimize some of the effects of weather. Bringing extra ponchos and towels can help keep some of the rain off, and having extra clothes on hand provides a quick change option if needed.

Laying down rugs, mats or tarps can help reduce contact with wet, muddy ground. However, even with the best preparations, clothing is bound to get wet and dirty over the course of a long tailgate. The most convenient solution for handling wet gear is having a portable dryer on-site to quickly dry out clothes before packing up for the big game.


Forget Wet Jerseys! Use a Portable Dryer at Your Next Tailgate Party


Portable Dryers Offer a Convenient Solution for Quickly Drying Clothes at Tailgates

A portable dryer is the ideal solution for quickly drying wet, muddy clothes at tailgate parties before heading into the game. Portable dryers are compact, lightweight machines designed for fast drying power on the go. They offer similar drying capabilities as full-sized dryers, but in a transportable size that can be easily packed up and taken to any tailgating event.

Portable dryers operate by blowing heated air rapidly over clothes, evaporating moisture quickly. They can usually dry a full load of clothing in under an hour, perfect timing for last minute drying needs at a tailgate. Portable dryers allow fans to throw in wet jerseys, jackets, hats, and pants after pregame fun and have them crisp and dry before kickoff. Some key benefits of using a portable dryer for tailgates include:

  • Fast dry times under an hour
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Compact size takes up minimal space
  • AC and DC power options for flexibility
  • Dries entire loads evenly

With a good portable clothing dryer, you can save the day drying out gear after tailgating mishaps and keep everyone comfortable heading into the big game. They offer much needed convenience for on-site drying at outdoor events.

Tips for Efficiently Drying Wet Jerseys, Jackets, and Gear After Tailgating

Tailgating can leave fans' favorite jerseys, jackets, hats and gear soaked. Having some best practices for efficiently drying different items can help your portable tailgating dryer work optimally:

  1. For jerseys and jackets, turn them inside out before drying. This puts the moisture-wicking inner lining closest to the heated air for faster drying.
  2. With heavy gear like jackets, periodically pause and shake them out to redistribute moisture.
  3. Delicate items like hats should be air dried on low heat or no heat settings to avoid damage.
  4. Clean gear before drying to remove excess mud and debris that can slow down drying time.
  5. Load items loosely in the dryer so air can fully circulate around each piece.
  6. Set appropriate heat and timer settings based on fabric types. Higher heat for cottons and sturdy fabrics, lower temps for delicate synthetics.
  7. Group like fabrics together for even drying with similar cycle times.

With some planning, you can efficiently dry the entire crew's wet tailgating clothes and gear. Having a portable dryer with variable heat and timer controls allows you to customize drying cycles for ideal results.

Keeping Kids Comfortable By Drying Clothes Before Heading Home

When you've got kids joining the tailgate festivities, keeping some spare dry clothes on hand is a must. Kids love running around and playing at tailgates, but are also prone to spills, rain mishaps, and ending up covered in mud. When it's time to leave and you've got soaked, muddy kids' clothes, a portable dryer can be a parent's saving grace.

Drying kids' jackets, jerseys, pants and muddy shoes before heading home keeps them comfortable for the car ride instead of stuck in damp, dirty clothes. Quickly drying a change of spare clothes you packed provides warm, cozy gear to head home in. Choose an extra sweater or sweatshirt you can toss in the dryer if needed.

For younger kids, keep extra onesies, socks and a change of pajamas on hand. Drying off wet shoes and socks helps avoid cold feet in the car. No one wants to put muddy, wet kids straight into bed when you get home either. Having spare pajamas and undergarments dried off provides a quick wardrobe change before tucking them in clean and dry.

With spare clothes and a portable dryer, you can handle any kid-related tailgating messes. Keep the kids comfortable and content heading home after a fun day of football festivities.

Preventing Mildew Odors by Getting All Clothes Dry Post-Tailgate

After a long day of tailgating fun, it's tempting to just pack up all those muddy jerseys, jackets and rain gear damp and call it a day. However, leaving wet clothes packed up can lead to foul, mildew odors setting in over time. For clean, odor-free gear after tailgating, it's important to fully dry all clothing before storage and transport.

Portable dryers provide the perfect solution for preventing mildew smells. Make sure to fully dry any muddy spots, underarms, and lining. Check clothing tags and seams that stay damp. Run a complete second cycle if needed to get gear fully dry. The heat from drying kills odor-causing bacteria.

Before packing clothes into bags, allow them to completely cool down first. Storing wet clothes in sealed bags traps moisture and allows mildew to grow quickly. Letting clothes fully air out before packing keeps air circulating and odors away.

With a thorough portable drying at the tailgate, you can stop wet gear funk before it starts. Completely dried clothes stay fresh-smelling and ready for the next use for your next pre-game party.


Tailgating and wet, muddy clothing often go hand-in-hand, but portable dryers provide the perfect solution for keeping fans comfortable and dry. With the convenience of quick, on-site drying, a portable dryer is a tailgater's secret weapon for ideal comfort on game day. Next time an unexpected rain shower or spilled drink has your crew soaked, let a portable dryer save the day and keep your tailgate outfit fresh, dry and ready for cheering on your team.

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