Dengarden - Morus Portable Clothes Dryer Review

Dengarden - Morus Portable Clothes Dryer Review


Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or RV and not had a washer and dryer, you know what a pain it can be to go to the laundromat. At one point, I was living in an apartment with children, and I would have preferred to do anything than spend weekends doing laundry in broke down laundromats that ate half of my quarters.

If you live in a tiny home, you know it can be hard to find a washer and dryer that doesn’t take up half of your house. That’s where the Morus Zero saves the day. If you haven’t heard of the Morus Zero Dryer yet, check out this comprehensive Morus dryer review. We’ll go over everything you need to know. I have the dryer and dryer balls, which have been amazing.

What Is the Morus Zero Dryer?

The Morus dryer is an innovative countertop dryer with a fast dry time, minimalist design, and more. It has various modes available to ensure that it can suit your needs. Modes available include but are not limited to shoes, shirts, laundry, and sanitizing. Patented technology guarantees that your dryer gets your clothing dry and then stops drying afterward, saving electricity and your clothing. The space-saving design is ideal for RVs, tiny homes, and apartments.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

How to Use

When you first receive your Morus Zero dryer in the mail, it will come in a big box. When you take it out of the box, you’ll realize that the entire dryer is assembled and requires almost no setup. You must put the water catcher at the bottom of the dryer and plug in the power cable. After that, your dryer is ready to use.

To use your dryer, sit the dryer on a flat surface and plug it in. That’s all that is required. You don’t have to hook up a vent hose or other cables. Then, put in the clothing and a Morus dryer ball. Ensure you only fill the dryer to the max fill line on the door.

Hold down the power button, and the dryer will come on. After that, press the button for your desired setting, such as auto-sensing. A timer will appear on the LED screen, letting you know how long the dryer will take.

However, the drying time may be shorter than what the timer initially says. One thing I have discovered about the dryer is that the timer originally overestimates how long it will take to dry clothing.

For example, I put in a load of clothing and used the auto-sensing mode. It said it would take approximately eighty minutes. However, this Morus Zero dryer was done in about 30 minutes. That’s because the Morus dryer continuously detects moisture levels and re-estimates the drying time for maximum performance.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

Using the Morus Dryer

As soon as you take this bad boy out of the box, you will notice one cool thing after another. I’ve never been impressed by an appliance like I was by this one. Here are some things you’ll notice about the Morus portable dryer.

Multiple Drying Mode Selections

The Morus dryer comes with the following dryer modes:

  • Smart: This mode automatically estimates the drying time for the clothes in the dryer. Then, it selects the temperature that it deems suitable.
  • Quick: This mode uses patented technology to dry clothes quickly. The company boasts that it can dry a shirt in fifteen minutes. I tried it, and it definitely works!
  • Shirt: The shirt mode has more tumbling to help reduce wrinkles in your clothing.
  • Silk: It uses less heat to gently dry delicate items, ensuring the fabric is not damaged. Remember to use this mode only if the tag clearly states that the item can be dried in a dryer.)
  • Warm: This setting ensures that the dryer doesn’t automatically stop when the items are dry, keeping them warm. This is the only setting in which the dryer doesn’t automatically stop.

Morus Zero dryer has so many modes that it already does more than most standard dryers.

My favorite mode is the smart mode. All I have to do is throw the clothing in the portable dryer and push a couple of buttons. The dryer senses the moisture level of the clothing and then dries them accordingly. It’s effortless on my part. All I have to do is wait for the dryer to be done.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

  • Refresh: The refresh mode is used to help reduce the odor in clothing or help get rid of dust. This mode is great if you’ve had clothing stored in the attic. It’s not ideal for drying clothes.
  • Shoe: In this mode, the drum does not rotate. You’re supposed to use the included drying rack. It helps the heat circulate the item evenly so it dries it thoroughly, preventing damage to the item.
  • Sanitize: The sanitize feature uses heat and UV light to sanitize items properly.

LED Display

The LED display makes it easy to determine your selected mode and how many minutes you have until your clothing is dry. It easily tells you which features you’re utilizing, unlike dryers with a knob that you turn.

Stylish Design

I adore the round design of this dryer. It’s sleek and minimal. The Morus dryer combines patented technology with the simplest design for a countertop dryer that is the best of both worlds.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

Extensive Instructions

The dryer comes with a beautiful instruction booklet. It tells you how to do everything from cleaning the lint filter, which is located in the back of the dryer, to how to install the water catcher. The instructions have both words and pictures to ensure you know what you’re doing.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review


This tiny dryer only weighs about 28 pounds. It's convenient to move it around, making it ideal for placing on the counter to dry clothes and then storing it away when finished.

High Quality

Although the dryer is lightweight, everything about it is high quality. The material is thick and sturdy. Mine has already survived the curiosity of a toddler and a rambunctious nine-year-old.

The magnetic lint trap is convenient, and the dryer door is as thick as you would expect a standard-sized dryer door to be. Inside, you’ll discover a stainless steel drum like you would expect in a standard dryer. The power cord comprises thick material that appears as reliable as the rest of the dryer.

It Can Handle Drying Heavier Items

I initially thought this dryer would work well for small loads of my youngest daughter's or grandson’s clothing. However, I wanted to test out other things. The instructions say not to use it for bulky items like blankets. I didn’t try that, but I did try thick denim pants, hoodies, and towels. I didn’t fill the dryer past the maximum load mark on the door, and it could dry everything easily.

It’s Quiet

As the dryer works, it emits a low hum. You can hear the dryer working, but it’s not so loud that it will bother most people. You could easily have a conversation while sitting next to this dryer.

It Uses a Standard Outlet

The power cord plugs into a standard 120 AC outlet, also known as a three-prong outlet. If you have a three-prong outlet available, you can use it with this portable dryer. That means that you can plug it in almost anywhere with ease. This tiny little marvel tends to outshine the competition regarding convenience.

It’s Cost Effective

When you compare the cost of the laundromat to the cost of this dryer, you’ll find that it eventually pays for itself. How long that will take depends on how much laundry you need to do, but trust me, you’ll get there.

Child Safety Lock

I love that washers usually come with a child safety lock, and I hate that many dryers don’t. The Morus Zero dryer has a wonderful child safety lock activated with a button. It's one more feature you’ll love about this dryer if you have children.

Very Well Packaged

It doesn’t matter how great a product is if it arrives with dents and dings, but you don't have to worry about that with the Morus portable dryer. It's perfectly packaged with styrofoam and a protective bag to ensure that it doesn't get a scratch on it.

Dengarden-Morus Zero Review

Moist Air Comes Directly Out of the Back

I don’t think this is a huge downside and is something you should expect from portable dryers like this one, but it’s something to keep in mind. If you leave the dryer in front of a painted wall, it will eventually melt the paint because of the hot, moist air coming out of the back.

When using it, move it periodically, and don’t put it up against a wall. Open a window or turn a fan on during summer so it doesn’t add to the heat. This can be a bonus during the winter because the air gets so cold and dry that you need to add moisture to it.

Final Verdict

This compact dryer from Morus is rather impressive. It performs better than some standard-sized dryers I’ve used. It works exceptionally well if you live in an apartment, a tiny home, or an RV. However, there are situations where you could use it if you live in a larger house too.

For example, if the kids play in the snow and you need to dry their clothing quickly. It’s so efficient and cool, you’ll find a reason to use it. Don’t forget to pick up the eco-friendly dryer balls while you’re at it! They prevent static, and one dryer ball can be used up to 1,000 times, making them a nice sustainable alternative to dryer sheets.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our article. Our aim is to share interesting and insightful information about Morus Zero, as well as to showcase the various applications of our product in different contexts. We want to extend our special thanks to Dengarden (the original source of the article) for their fantastic coverage, and we appreciate their support.

We respect the original content and have tried to maintain the accuracy of the information while adding some visuals to enhance the article. If you have any questions or comments about Morus Zero or our products, please feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more exciting stories and information with you in the future!

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