Maketecheasier - Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer Review

Maketecheasier - Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer Review


Clothes washers and dryers take up so much room in your home. Sometimes they even have rooms dedicated just for them. But they don’t have to be that large and bulky and take up so much real estate. The Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer happens to be one laundry appliance that doesn’t take up much room. This review takes a look at its small form factor and how it performs.

Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer Features

Morus is in the business of clothing care appliances. The company’s aim is to “make clothes drying faster, easier, and smarter, bring out platinum outcomes, and connect with your lifestyle.”Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

The Morus Zero is meant for people who live in small places, such as apartments, TVs, and tiny homes. It’s also good for people who need to dry clothes quickly in small amounts.

Its features are:

  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Ultra-fast drying in 15 minutes
  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and mites
  • Portable, compact, and convenient


Setting Up the Dryer

While the Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer is very small for a dryer and can fit nearly anywhere in your home or RV, it is pretty heavy for me to move alone at 28.7 lbs. After I unpacked it, I couldn’t lift it out of the box. I needed my husband’s help with that. After it was removed, there were instructions on collapsing the boxes it came in to recycle them.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

Everything that came with the dryer was packed inside a box and sitting inside the drum of the dryer.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

Inside the box were a metal rack, the electrical cord, a quick start guide, and a user manual. The user manual was light on information, but it was okay, as the dryer isn’t difficult to operate. Some of what it explained were basic instructions for how to dry clothes. I’ve been washing and drying my clothes for roughly 45 years, so that was information I didn’t need, but it would be helpful to people new to drying their own clothes.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

The only thing that’s left to do is plug the electrical cord into the back, then plug the other end into an electrical outlet. Flip the switch next to the plug to “I” to turn it on. That’s all there is to setting up the dryer.

The First Load with the Morus Zero

The Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer isn’t meant to dry bulky items or large loads of laundry. It’s meant for small spaces and for small loads. I have it sitting on the dresser in my spare bedroom.

I had to split up my wash load from my typically-sized clothes washer into three loads in the Zero. But the loads dried much more quickly. By the time it was done, it was about the same amount of time altogether, maybe a little longer.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

A line on the front of the dryer shows the maximum amount of clothing you can put in the dryer. I put the max load in the first time, and it was a pair of pajamas, a pair of leggings, a tank top, a t-shirt, and a few pairs of underwear. Basically, it was close to what a single person would wear in a day or two.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

After putting your clothes in the dryer, you need to set the mode. These are similar to what you would find on a normal dryer, with possibly a few extra modes. The Sanitize mode is something I’ve never had on a clothes dryer.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

I tried the Quick mode first, which set the dryer for 15 minutes. I found the clothes still damp after this, so I finished the drying by setting it on Smart mode. This mode figures out on its own how long it will take to dry your clothes. It ran for another 20 minutes.

The other modes worked well too. I put a face cloth in on the Sanitize mode. It was a 60-minute cycle of a higher heat than the other modes. I didn’t need the full 60 minutes, and that’s okay, as you can easily use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease the time. I have had sanitize modes on washing machines, and they are much the same: higher heat and for a longer time.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

Next, I tried the shoe load. I’ll preface this by saying I am not a fan of washing shoes and putting them in the dryer. I feel like they get too tight after that. However, I put a pair of sneakers that are already too small through the wash, then into the Morus Zero on the Shoes mode. They were dripping wet but dry in less than an hour. The difference here is that the dryer didn’t spin them, just dried them – quickly. I also tried a small rubber-backed bath rug. Once again, it dried quickly. The rubber survived the heat, and the shoes didn’t become any smaller.

The other modes worked just as well. I put a few nightgowns and a pair of leggings through the Silk mode. This was a lesser heat, yet all were dry in the end with no damage. Do note, however, that none were made with silk, just a more delicate material.

The Refresh mode is again a lower heat and set for what seems like longer than a refresh mode should be – but again, you can decrease or increase the time. It’s a great way to quickly put a little snap back in your clothes. The warm cycle would be great for quickly warming up a towel to be ready after you get out of the pool or bathtub.

After Your Load Finishes

The Morus Zero signals that it’s done by displaying “END.”

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

I found that my clothes were staticky, and thinner clothes were wrinkled. I believe if I stuck a dryer sheet in there that it would take care of both of these issues.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

After every load, you need to check the lint trap, just as you would with any other dryer. It fits together nicely and snaps back into place through magnets. There’s also a filter in the back that needs to be cleaned once in a while. It was a bit difficult to remove the first time, but eventually I was able to get it off, and after that first time, the back became easier to remove.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

Final Thoughts

The Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer is a great appliance and would work great for single people living in an apartment or mobile home or someone who travels in an RV. The only issue is that it is heavy and bulky, difficult to lift, and packed in really tightly to the packaging.

Maketecheasier Review - Morus Zero

Yet, it’s so easy to use. There’s minimal setup, nothing much you need to know to run it, and minimal maintenance. A dryer sheet could probably take care of the static and wrinkles.

Because we have three adults in the house who all do their own laundry, I have to admit that it is kind of nice to have this separate small clothes dryer so that I could use that while my husband or daughter were using the dryer downstairs. If you want to get the Morus Zero Portable Clothes Dryer to use as an extra dryer or to handle your small loads of laundry in a small space, you can pay

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