Portable Clothes Dryer Hacks: How to Dry Your Shoes in a Pinch!

Portable Clothes Dryer Hacks: How to Dry Your Shoes in a Pinch!

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Say goodbye to soggy shoes and hello to convenience – using a portable clothes dryer to dry your footwear is a perfectly acceptable method that can save time and hassle.


  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing your shoes for drying
  3. Hacks for drying shoes in a portable clothes dryer!
  4. Alternative shoe drying methods
  5. Conclusion


Portable Clothes Dryer

Dryers are big home appliances: it is heavy, takes space, and we never move it once set. Having the same drying function, portable clothes dryers are something totally different.

Portable clothes dryers are a convenient solution for drying clothes and shoes on the go. Whether you got caught in the rain and need to dry your muddy sneakers quickly or want to refresh lightweight shoes after a run, these hacks for using a portable clothes dryer to dry your shoes in a pinch will come in handy.

By preparing your shoes properly, utilizing tools like mesh laundry bags or shoe racks, adding dryer balls or towels, you can dry your shoes fast using a compact clothes dryer. With some experimentation, these hacks will make your portable clothes dryer a versatile tool for drying more of your belongings.

Preparing your shoes for drying

Before placing your shoes in the dryer, it is important to remove excess water and prepare them properly.

Use a towel to absorb as much water from the shoes as possible by wiping them down. Then, shake out any loose dirt or debris stuck to the material. For some shoes like sneakers with laces or Velcro straps, loosening or removing these fasteners will allow for faster, more even drying. Disassembling certain shoes by removing insoles or inserts can also improve air circulation.

Properly preparing your shoes will ensure they dry quickly and evenly in the portable clothes dryer. Make sure any tight-fitting straps, laces or fasteners are loose enough, and remove any removable inserts for the best results.

Removing extra water with a towel will prevent excess dripping that can lead to water damage in the dryer. With your shoes prepped, you will be ready to utilize the hacks and tools in the dryer for speedy shoe drying on the go.

The Morus clothes dryer comes with a stand that allows you to dry your shoes.

Clothes dryer for shoes

Hacks for drying shoes in a portable clothes dryer!

  • Using a mesh laundry bag, a shoe rack, adding dryer balls or towels, and checking the dryer's weight capacity are some effective hacks for drying shoes in a portable clothes dryer.
  • A mesh laundry bag allows air to circulate while containing the shoes in the dryer. Place the shoes in the bag and secure the closure to prevent them from tumbling around. This is ideal for lightweight or irregularly shaped shoes.
  • A simple shoe rack keeps shoes raised and spaced out for efficient drying. You can find or construct a basic metal rack and attach it to the dryer drum using tape, straps or bungee cords. This works well for most types of shoes.
  • Adding a few dryer balls helps fluff and separate the shoes for faster drying. They also prevent clumping which can lead to uneven drying. Place 1-2 balls in with the shoes.
  • Adding a large dry towel to the dryer uses its absorbency to draw more heat and speed up drying time. Make sure not to overload the dryer. A towel, mesh bag and shoes should not exceed the weight limit.
  • Checking your dryer's specifications before drying shoes will ensure it can handle the added weight without issue. With some trial and error, these hacks can help you master drying all your shoes in your portable clothes dryer.
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Portable Clothes Dryer

Alternative shoe drying methods

If you do not have access to a portable clothes dryer or want to avoid using one, there are some alternative methods for drying your shoes.

  • Using a fan or air drying is an environmentally friendly option. Place shoes in a spot with good airflow, like in front of a fan. Turn them over halfway through drying for even results. This works for most shoes but can take longer.
  • Placing shoes near a heat source, like a radiator, heater or fireplace, speeds up air drying with caution. Maintain a safe distance and do not overheat shoes. This hack works best for lightweight shoes.
  • A hairdryer or handheld fabric steamer can be used to quickly blow dry or steam shoes. Keep the tool moving to avoid scorching. These methods are best suited for touch-ups or spot drying specific sections of shoes.
  • Baking shoes in an oven at a low temperature is another unconventional approach. Make sure shoes are oven-safe first and follow directions carefully to avoid fire hazard or damage. Shoes will emerge fully dried but can become rigid, so test this method on inexpensive shoes first.

There are several alternatives to using a portable clothes dryer for dehydrating your shoes. Exercise patience and take proper precautions with any method to guarantee safe, effective drying and to prevent unintended damage.

With some trial and error, you can determine which approach works best for your specific shoes and needs. And you will know drying shoes just one of the benefits of portable clothes dryer.

Dirty shoes in the rain


In conclusion, there are many useful hacks and tips for drying shoes quickly using a portable clothes dryer or alternative methods. By prepping your shoes properly, using tools like mesh bags or dryer racks, adding dryer aids, you can speedily dehydrate your shoes while preventing damage.

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