TopTenReviews - Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer review

TopTenReviews - Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer review



    Morus Zero Introduction

    It can be impossible or impractical to fit a full-size dryer into an RV, tiny house, apartment, or boat. The Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer is an excellent solution to that problem. Compact and portable, the dryer has a 3.3-pound capacity, making it ideal for smaller loads. It features an easy setup and requires no venting, perfect for homes tight on space. Plus, since it weighs just 28.7 pounds, the dryer can be moved if needed. 

    (Morus Introduction)

    The Morus Zero dryer features an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel, complete with LED messaging to help you identify problems, like the door being open. It features eight modes, on par with many of the best dryers we've tested, including a shoe and sanitize mode, as well as a smart mode that automatically detects moisture in the clothes and ends the cycle only once the clothes are dry. The modes mean you can use the dryer with several garment types, including light shirts, your typical laundry, silk garments, towels, and even shoes. 

    Morus markets the dryer as being ultra-fast and about 60% faster than conventional dryers. We tested that claim and evaluated the dryer’s overall performance. In addition to considering factors like the packaging and dryer’s condition on arrival, we also evaluated the setup process and tested multiple modes, the cleaning process, and more to see if the dryer is worth buying.

    Morus Zero SPECS

    • Type of dryer: Front load tumble
    • Material: Plastic, recyclable shell, stainless steel tub
    • Capacity (Cu Ft): 0.78 Cu Ft
    • Power (watts): 100 - 120 V
    • Dimensions: 16.34” wide x 20.79” long x 19.25” tall
    • Weight: 28.7 pounds
    • Number of settings: 8
    • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

    Morus Design

    (Morus Zero Appearance)

    The Morus Zero has a sleek, modern design that immediately reminded me of a spaceship. It is available in chalk white and lava grey options, and I reviewed the dryer in lava grey. 

    As I lifted and positioned the dryer, I was pleased to find that it had an overall quality feel. It feels very solid and, even when in use, didn’t rock or move about. 

    (Image credit: Future)

    The door felt equally solid and was easy to open and close. It does open to the left, so users would want to consider that when positioning the dryer in a tight space. Left handed users might prefer a door that swings to the right. I found that the door closes securely and easily, though I would have preferred more of a “click” to confirm that the door was closed.

    The dryer features an LED control panel on its top, as well as four buttons. Each setting has a brief description, making it user-friendly and easy to choose the setting you need, even as you’re just getting started. It’s easy to push the rubber buttons, and the lights on the panel are bright and easy to read.

    The dryer’s shell is a recyclable plastic with a matte finish. It wipes down easily and the grey color blends in well with my home’s decor.

    (Image credit: Future)

    My First Impressions

    The Morus Dryer arrived double boxed, which was particularly helpful because the bottom side of the boxes had been punctured during shipping. I was pleased to find that, thanks to the dryer’s careful packaging, the dryer was not at all damaged once I removed it.

    The dryer was packed in two large pieces of styrofoam, and they were tightly inserted into the interior box. Removing the dryer proved challenging on my own, partially because of its size and weight, and partially because the process was just awkward. Once I managed to loosen the styrofoam, it was easy to get the dryer out of the box.

    The dryer included a power cable, manual, quick guide, and metal shoe rack. Setting it up was as simple as placing it on a counter and plugging in the power cord. There is no vent pipe to deal with, which means I could use the dryer anywhere in my house. It also means it’s easy to store the dryer away in a closet or other space in between uses.

    (Image credit: Future)

    The only downside to the installation is the fact that the dryer is somewhat awkward to hold. Though it weighs just 28.7 pounds, it felt much heavier because the weight is somewhat unbalanced and part of the weight is situated away from my body. The fact that the top of the dryer is curved did allow me to hold it comfortably without any sharp points digging into my arms. Since moving the dryer is somewhat awkward, it would be best in a location that required only minimal moving when it’s not in use. 

    Morus also sent me a set of six dryer balls, which arrived separately in their own cardboard box. The dryer balls also arrived with a handy drawstring pouch for storage. 

    (Image credit: Future)

    Morus Zero Performance

    One of the Morus Zero’s major strengths is that you can easily choose from eight available settings: 

    • Smart: The dryer automatically detects the moisture in the clothes to determine if the clothes are dried. The dryer will automatically adjust the drying time, running until the load is dried. 
    • Quick: Ideal for light loads, the quick setting defaults to 15:00. 
    • Refresh: Ideal for reducing odors or dust on clothes, the refresh mode features a default time setting of 60:00. 
    • Sanitize: The sanitize mode is for clothes that need to be disinfected. According to Morus, the sterilization mode reduces allergens and kills 99.99% of bacteria and mites. 
    • Shoe: Suitable for shoes with a tumble dry label, the shoe mode gradually dries shoes. The drum doesn’t rotate, and the shoe insert fits into the back of the drum, suspending the shoes within the drum so they don’t touch the sides. 
    • Shirt: The shirt mode is intended to dry light and thin clothes quickly. Its default time is 60:00 
    • Silk: The silk mode is designed for silk sheets with a tumble dry label, and operates for a default 60:00. 
    • Warm: The warm setting is ideal for drying bath towels and runs for a default 30:00. 

    (Image credit: Future)

    Most of these settings feature times that can be adjusted from 5:00 to 90:00. 

    I tested several functions of this dryer, starting with the Smart mode. I dried a load of shirts and socks using the Smart mode, filling the dryer about halfway. The dryer ran for over an hour, at which point I turned it off and found that the clothes were completely dry. The dryer did not seem to detect the fact that the clothes were dry, and it continued to run. 

    Next, I tried the Quick mode, which defaults to 15 minutes. I placed a single T-shirt into the dryer and, when it turned off 15 minutes later, I found that the shirt was still damp. I dried it for another 10 minutes and found that the shirt was dry. 

    I also placed a single bath towel into the dryer and used the Warm setting. It defaults to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I found that the towel was still damp and ran the dryer for another 15 minutes before the towel was completely dry. 

    I put a single dry shirt into the dryer and set the Refresh mode to five minutes. The shirt was warm and had a fresh “just out of the dryer” scent. This setting is appealing, and I could see myself getting into the habit of popping my clothes into the dryer for a refresh before getting dressed on chilly days. 

    Finally, I tested the sanitize mode on three shirts, letting the dryer run for the default 60 minutes. The shirts were warm when I removed them, but I can’t attest to any bacteria or mites that may have been killed. 

    (Image credit: Future)

    I did note that during use, the direction of the drum’s turning alternates. According to the Morus website, this design helps to prevent clothes from becoming tangled. I don’t know that the dryer’s capacity allows for enough clothes for tangling to be a problem. The maximum capacity is designated by a small line on the outside of the dryer door, located about two-thirds of the way up the door. I found I could fit about six T-shirts and a few pairs of socks at a time before exceeding that capacity. 

    Morus calls this dryer “ultra-fast” and claims that the dryer “is about 60% faster than conventional dryers” thanks to “patented dehydration technology.” Unfortunately, I didn’t find that to be the case. In every test, the Morus Zero took just as long as my conventional dryer to thoroughly dry the load. 

    During every mode, the dryer was significantly quieter than my conventional dryer. It doesn’t rattle against the floor like a conventional dryer, and while you wouldn’t want to use it in the living room while you watched TV, I didn’t mind the noise at all. 

    I noticed that within about 15 minutes of operating the dryer, the room felt substantially warmer. The dryer vents warm, humid air out of the back, and when used in a small room, I could feel a noticeable difference in the room temperature. This is an important consideration when using the dryer in a small space, like an RV, particularly during the summer months. I think that choosing a larger, well-ventilated room would help, and in hot months, it might be helpful to run an air conditioner while operating the dryer. 


    The dryer’s lint trap is located in the back of the drum, and it easily popped out when I pulled on it. The two sides of the lint trap are held together by strong magnets, so it was easy to open and clean the trap. I found only minimal lint in the trap after each use, but cleaning the trap takes about a minute, so it’s easy to clean in between each use. The instructions also note that the pull-out plastic drawer located beneath the dryer door is a water tank. I checked the tank after each use but never found any water in it. 

    In addition to cleaning the main filter, Morus specifies that the suction filter, located on the back of the dryer, should be cleaned once after every three to four uses. The filter shell was easy to remove, and the filter can be disassembled and brushed clean. The exterior is smooth and could be easily wiped clean. 


    (Image credit: Future)

    At just over $500, the Morus Zero is one of the more expensive portable dryers on the market, but it also has more features and is more convenient than most. For example, the Panda Portable Compact Cloth Dryer weighs 60 pounds and needs to be vented to the outdoors. While this dryer has seven modes, three of those modes are just different duration settings. This dryer lacks helpful modes like the Refresh, Sanitize, and Shoe modes that the Morus Zero features. 

    The Magic Chef 1.5 cu. Ft. Compact Electric Dryer is marketed for RV use. While it is more affordably priced than the Morus Zero, the Magic Chef dryer has a smaller 1.5-cubic-foot capacity. The dryer offers different time and heat options, but doesn’t offer any of the preset modes that the Morus Zero has. 

    The Morus Zero currently has a 4.69-star rating out of 5 stars on the Morus website, based on 39 reviews. 

    One user, who has a one-bedroom apartment, writes “It was a bit pricey, but so far worth every penny. It takes up minimal space, doesn’t need venting and dries clothes as good as the apartment dryer that I have to pay to use, and I don't have to put my wash in a machine that others use. That right there made it worth the price!” 

    Another user writes, “I was shocked by how easy the setup process was. All you need to do is to put this dryer on the floor and plug it in. I have only been using it for less than 40 minutes and my summer shirts are thoroughly dried. I’m happy. The only disadvantage is the capacity, kind of wish to dry more at a time. But thinking that their target market should be those people who need compact devices, it’s actually super impressive to make a dryer portable.” 


    Matt Hagens, a general contractor and founder of Mr. Kitchen Faucets, praises the Morus Zero for its innovative features and design. “It’s like it was designed keeping you, the user, in mind,” he says. “You get easy-to-use drying settings, customizable options, and progress monitoring. Plus, its compact size and sleek design are sure to amp up the style quotient of your kitchen or laundry room.” 

    He notes that buyers should be aware of some considerations, too. “Countertop dryers, including the Morus, typically can’t handle large loads as traditional dryers do. So if you have a lot of laundry to dry at once, you might have to run multiple cycles. However, if you’re living alone or in a small household, this won’t be a big issue.” 

    He explains that noise can also be a concern. “While the Morus dryer is pretty quiet, it’s bound to make some noise when running,” says Hagens. “If you’re someone who loves their peace and quiet, or if you live in a place where noise could be a problem, it’s something to think about.” 


    The Morus Zero offers the convenience of a compact dryer that you don’t have to vent. It is not a substitute to a traditional dryer, but is a worthwhile choice in situations where a full-size dryer isn’t practical, such as in RVs, tiny houses, apartments, and boats. The Morus dryer can also be a convenient choice for certain situations, like parents who need an efficient way to dry small loads of baby clothes.

    This dryer performed well during our tests, but it’s important to note that the dryer wasn’t faster than a traditional dryer. Instead, the dryer’s real value comes from its ease of use and the fact that it’s a more energy-efficient option when you only need to dry small loads of laundry.

    With its very simple and fast setup and overall ease of use, the Morus Zero dryer is an excellent choice for many renters or homeowners who lack the space for a full-size dryer.


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